10Static launches Twirly Ball game on Play Store

twirly ball

The parent company of AndroidHire, 10Static  launched its first game on the Play Store called Twirly Ball.

Twirly Ball is an endless runner game just like subway surfers but here is a twist. You control a ball on some zig-zag irregular roads (Just like Snake road in Dragon BallZ) and man the game is quite tough.

You score points by collecting stars that are scattered on the road unevenly. Each star gives you 50 points. You can fall off from the road or the game is over then!

The music is quite mysterious or you can say very simple.

Twirly Ball
Twirly Ball

Twirly Ball Description

Time has come for Susan the ball to escape the twirly world and escape back to reality.

Welcome to Twirly world where there is no definite ground… You are on twirly ball roads and you need to escape it as soon as possible without colliding with poison objects.

Collects Gems in the twirly world to gain points.

The Game has many including:
1. Endless Runner
2. Touch supported


This Game is an endless runner game developed and published by 10Static. The objective of the game is to pick up boxes and increase your score. Make as much high score as you can.

twirly ball game over
twirly ball game over


The goal of the game is to get as far as possible without dying. The characters laying the track accelerate automatically and the player swipes in whatever direction they want the track to go.
Found any bugs? or any feedback? Login to :-https://10static.com/forum/twirlyball/
Privacy Policy:- https://10static.com/privacy-policy-twirly-ball/


You can download the game from the Play Store


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