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When 5G coming to Canada? : Expected timelines

5G or 5th generation wireless communication network would be coming soon then it was thought. Already this network is expanding in various regions of United States, and now 5G is now coming to Canada.

5G in canada coming soon
5G in canada coming soon

Currently there is no Network that is providing 5G network in Canada but from 2020 Carriers like Bell Mobility,Rogers Wireless would be making this fast network available to all the canadians.

5G Infrastructure in a netshull

It obvious that when Canada would be getting its first 5G connection for its normal customers the cost would be high and only the premium and big Carriers would be providing the 5G connection.

List of Carriers and Networks in Canada for 5G

CarrierNetworkPossible Availability
Bell MobilityBell2020
Rogers WirelessRogers2020
Telus MobilityTelus2020
FidoRogersLate 2020
Koodo MobileTelusLate 2020
Virgin MobileBellLate 2020
Freedom MobileShaw2021?


Final words

5G is still a new technology and all the telecom companies are still developing the infrastructure that is required to sustain and start the 5th generation (5G) network. We would be updating this article if any of the carrier starts offering the 5G network services.

Till then canadians have to wait and surf on 4G speed only.

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