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6 Best Wallpaper App For Android

Getting bored with the same old, dull wallpaper on your smartphone? Searching for a high-quality wallpaper on Google consumes too much time and effort. Also, in the Google Play store, there are thousands of wallpapers available. However, most of the apps only have limited access and wallpaper options. Finding a useful app on the Play Store is a bit of a challenge. There is no need to worry.

We have compiled a list of the top wallpaper apps for your Android smartphone that have tons of free and high-quality wallpapers.

6 Best Free Wallpaper App For Android You Can Download Now

1. Walli – 4K Wallpapers

2. Zedge

3. Wallpaper- Android station

4. WalP- Stock HD Wallpapers

5. Walpy- wallpapers

6. Wallcraft – Wallpapers 4K, HD

1. Walli – 4K Wallpapers

There’s a wallpaper for every creative person out there. Walli is one of the highest-rated wallpaper applications available on Google Play. The app has one of the most comprehensive collections of premium and retro wallpapers. You may switch from one background to another. Also, the app’s wallpaper can be found on Google wallpaper and Google pixel devices.


1. Wallpaper Changer on Autopilot
2. You can create your own wallpaper playlist.
3. Less Ad


1. Unstable UI
2. Payment system: a flaw in the payment system

2. Zedge

Zedge is probably the most popular wallpaper use on the list. Apart from providing wallpapers, the app also provides millions of ringtones, background videos, and alarm and notification sounds. Whether you are a sports fan, a car enthusiast, or an anime fan, the app has a plethora of themed backgrounds that you will enjoy. It has over 450 million downloads and millions of active users.


1. You can buy or sell NFTs.
2. UI has been simplified, and the option to categorise has been added.
3. Make a Wallpaper with Stickers


1. Too many ads.

3. Wallpaper- Android station

Another great app on our list is Wallpaper by Android Station. The app has a huge library with different tags where you can find high-quality and astonishing wallpapers. It has more than 34 categories from which you can download and set a good wallpaper on your mobile screen. Over 60 thousand people worldwide have given this app a rating of 4.4. The app is downloaded by over 10 million Android users.


1. simple UI with faster access and a light weight.
2. more than 34 background categories.
3. Live and Auto Wallpapers


1. Ads without a filter and unskippable ads
2. Unstable app

4. WalP- Stock HD Wallpapers

Walp comes with a huge collection of high-definition stock wallpapers that you can download on your mobile phones. The app has more than 25 categories of wallpaper and it keeps adding. This app provides brand companies’ wallpapers like Google Pixels, Iphones, and other smartphone bands.


1. Branded Stock and Ultra HD (2880*2660) wallpapers
2. In-built wallpaper customization


1. Slow downloading speed
2. Minor lag and crashes while using this app on some devices.

5. Walpy- wallpapers

Walpy is an amazing app that turns images from unsplash.com into gorgeous wallpapers. The app comes with lots of editing options that help you customize the wallpaper according to your preferences. It allows users to enjoy the convenience of receiving fresh wallpapers every day without draining their device’s battery. It lets the device figure out when it is most appropriate to change the wallpaper.


1. Ad free
2. UI that is lightweight and simple
3. In-built wallpaper editor


1. Isn’t meant for tablets.
2. Can’t use landscape mode.

6. Wallcraft – Wallpapers 4K, HD

In the Google Play store, Wallpaper Craft is one of the most popular wallpaper apps. It only shows you wallpapers customized to your screen size. The app provides over 90,000 unique and high-resolution wallpapers with different resolutions like HD 1080*1920 px, 2K 1440*2560 px, and 4K 2160*3840 px. The app sets the wallpaper while losing its image quality.


1. All mobile phones and tablets can use this wallpaper.
2. It consumes less battery power and Internet bandwidth.
3. Manual cutting of wallpaper


1. Too many intensive ads
2. Billing issues

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