AndroidHire was created to share knowledge in the field of technology and programming. As our user base kept on increasing we entered into more sectors such as news publishing microblog.

Currently, AndroidHire is one of the fastest-growing tech blogs with more than 2000 unique visitors coming to the site and to gain knowledge from various aspects of technology be it Android, iOS tricks, Android App development, etc.

According to Amazon’s Alexa  comes under the top 75k sites in India having 51% of traffic from it and followed by the United States of America and Indonesia.

Why Advertise with us?

AndroidHire has a good fan following and our 80% of traffic is from organic search and rest is from social media, which depicts that AndroidHire concerns about the content which is published on its platform.

  • Cut the middlemen
    At AndroidHire you are dealing with the Team of Advertisement direct only. There is no middleman or someone else to have a share of the money you would be investing in. You get what you pay for!
  • Site is monitored
    A daily team of people monitor the health of the site and all of its posts, Once you contact us with your product we would suggest you on the basis of your product that where you may get the maximum benefit of placing of the advertisement banner
  • Quality is our main Priority
    The ads we display should also please the users of our blog, so we expect from our advertisers to give us an HD quality ad banner and not just a plain boring text.

Types of Advertisements

  • Sponsored Posts

We also publish sponsored posts at a price of 50 USD dollars per 500 words. Note that the tag [Sponsored] would be written in front of the title of the article. The article would be pinned on the main home page of the micro-blogging site and you would enjoy the first 7 days of free advertising on your social media channels

  • Box Ads/Banner Ads

This is the conventional form of advertisement. We would place your square or rectangle-shaped banners for a time period. The price varies according to the position and the page you want to put banner onto.

If you are going for Full Package (Home screen, footer part) it would cost you around 200 USD dollars per month. If you go just for Home page banner ad it would cost around 100 USD dollars.

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