AI based Handwriting Detection Calculator Released!

We all use the calculator on daily basis on our smartphones. They are easy to use, simple and have simplified UI. Today in this post I am going to introduce you to a new calculator App which is powered by Artificial Intelligence or AI Technology, which detects your handwriting and gives you the mathematical results.

MyScript’s Calculator 2 is an improved version of the MyCalculator App which is already on the Play Store. You can now drag results to another calculation. The new App allows you to take advantage of more trigonometric functions as compared to the previous generation of the app.

You might wonder why would you need an extra calculator app when you already get a pre-installed app in your smartphone. Well if you are a big screen phone user or simply a Samsung Note user like me it would be much more helpful in getting our calculations done as we write through our S-pen (courtesy -Samsung).

The app would be available for free of cost until February 2019 and after that, the price would be 3 USD dollars.

Do let me know if you really liked this app or not. Honestly, I had uninstalled the first generation of the app as I thought that the tech is not ready yet! But guess what? I have kept the second version of this app on my Note!

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