Snapchat, the online social media platform, is one of the hottest app currently in market.From normal users to bollywood and hollywood actors and actresses to athletes, all use snap chat.

There is no doubt also that Snapchat on iOS is far by the best in experience.There is no lag or slugginess throughout the interface.But on the other side.. on Android OH MY GOD! it always has been an horrible app in terms of usability.

Even the flagship phones such as Galaxy Note series or Pixel fail to make the UI more usable.



And it won’t be long when we would see that Android would be getting updates on its Snapchat app way before iOS platform! YES! you read it right!

About Update Rollout

The update is currently rolling out and it would reach soon within 1-2 days.You won’t find any change in UI or any addition of new features.Its all under the hood code development to optimise the app for android OS.

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