Android ‘major’ upgrade on TTS Quality

Google has upgraded Speech Services on 64-bit devices. This means that the voice model and synthesizer for all 67 supported languages will be coming to all devices, including phones and tablets, for a total of 421 different voice variants.

Even if you’re using the system default voice for text-to-speech, you should start noticing a different voice for English-US after the update. Google is also advertising another dramatic improvement in combination with the main TTS upgrade.

If you use Android TTS and the Speech Services by Google engine, there’s no need to update your app. The update will be installed when your users download it.

This update will be rolling out to all 64 bit Android devices via the Google Play Store over the next few weeks as a part of the Speech Services by Google apk. If you are concerned your users have not updated this yet, you can check for the minimum version code ,210390644 on the package

The update will be available to download through the Google app on the Play Store over the next few weeks.

For example, the Google Play Books app uses Speech Services TTS to read aloud your favorite book and the Google Translate app uses Speech Services TTS to speak translations aloud so you can hear the pronunciation of a word.

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