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Android Q beta 2 allows apps which microphone to use

Google just released Android Q beta version 2 earlier today and most of the people are now tinkering with the new beta update and trying to figure out what new has been added in the latest beta.

Android Q Beta 2 release includes new MicrophoneDirection API, which will allow developers to specify audio capture from two directions (front or back), plus explicit external support and a request for no direction at all. The API also supports specifying “zoom” for microphones that support variable field dimensions.


From the Android Developer site, Summary as mentioned below


intMIC_DIRECTION_BACKOptimize capture for audio coming from the side of the device opposite the screen.
intMIC_DIRECTION_EXTERNALOptimize capture for audio coming from an off-device microphone.
intMIC_DIRECTION_FRONTOptimize capture for audio coming from the screen-side of the device.
intMIC_DIRECTION_UNSPECIFIEDDon’t do any directionality processing of the activated microphone(s).


If you want to see full documentation of this API, you can find it here.

Its not that of a big feature but, now Developers have more options to play with the mic hardware of the smartphones powered by Android

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