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Android Q Beta 5 adds back developer option that forces dark mode on all apps

Google has been now rolling out betas for its upcoming Android OS dubbed as Android Q.

With many other enhancements under the hood such as security and Camera, Android Q would also be having dark mode as cited and believed by many android developers.

Android Q Beta 5 Changelog

  • Dark Theme: Ensure a consistent experience for users who enable system-wide dark theme by adding a Dark Theme or enabling Force Dark.
  • Support gestural navigation in your app by going edge-to-edge and making sure your custom gestures are complementary to the system navigation gestures.
  • Optimize for foldables: Deliver seamless, edge-to-edge experiences on today’s innovative devices by optimizing for foldables.

Android Q - Forced dark mode
Android Q beta 5 – Forced dark mode


From the above changelog its definite that Android is trying to enable Dark mode on all screens, even if the App developers have not developed the app for the dark theme.

Final words

It would take couple of more betas in order to justify upon the finalised features.For now we can just test the inbuilt new things which are incoporated in the new beta build by the Google developers.


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