Android Q Beta gives option remapping Pixel squeeze gesture to other assistant apps

  • Since the drop of the first beta version of Android Q, Developers around the globe are fiddling with the software and code to find out the latest happenings to the new upcoming Android OS.

According to many XDA Developers, the first Android Q beta consists of a hidden ADB option called “secure assist_gesture_any_assistant.”  if when enabled, the default assistant app can be opened by squeezing your Pixel device phone. Many third-party apps, including Cortana, can be selected as an assistant in the Settings.

This was evident I guess after the whole Bixby button chaos where people were irritated with Bixby when they accidentally activated the assistant by pressing the Bixby button present on all latest flagships of Samsung. But then afterward Samsung pushed an update where you can remap the Bixby button to your own choice of application.

It’s always nice to have various customizations in our hands or else why just we don’t go back to iPhone 😛

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