Apple AirPods : In and Out All Information and Personal Opinion

Its been quite a while now for AirPods to be in the market and in terms of design only a few companies were able to come close like Xiaomi, Samsung etc.

I also managed to get hands on this 13,000 INR truly and in this post, I am going to put some of my observations, facts related to Apple’s AirPods(Tm)

My Views and Observations

  1. I shook my head vigorously, jogged and guess what? The AirPods didn’t fell off from my ears, which were expected(thanks to the memes that were shared all over the internet)
  2. These airpods do work well with ANDROID devices. I use Samsung Note 8 as my daily driver and I used the airpods with them and the integration was quite simple like any other Bluetooth earphones or headphones BUT few of the features such as that of removing Air Pods from ears and music getting stopped didn’t work properly. Sound Clarity is awesome.
  3. I used Airpods with iPhone X and as expected the Airpods work flawlessly. It seems like these are designed for only iPhones. All features just work .. like that… (like stopping of a song while one airpod is not in the ears)
  4. I tried Airpods with my also. They too connected well but I could sense a delay (not more than that of Note 8’’s). Like I tried watching Netflix using Airpods and once I unplug one of the airpod it took 3-4 seconds for the video on Netflix to stop. Sometimes it didn’t stop also. (I don’t know but my experience was not good for me!.. would try again sometime later).
  5. The charging case! I would recommend you to buy a charging case cover if you don’t want scratches or make your charging case look somewhat cool. The charging case is normal in size and I keep it in my jeans while I am off to work or so and they don’t feel like a stone, which you are carrying in your pocket
  6. Battery life is good enough. gave me around 5 hours of continuous play.
  7. The Build Quality of Airpods is good and if you are already an Apple user you would feel that only your old Apple earphones have now no wires. This is due to the fact that Apple has kept the design of the earpiece same throughout the lifeline of this product(More or less!)
  8. The Price! Apple AirPods started with a staggering price of Rs.15000 but now its available for around Rs.13000 or if some sale is going on then you can get these wireless earphones for around Rs.12000 also.
  9. I have not tried Airpods with any Windows System, as I don’t have one, but since they were able to connect with Android also without any problem. It’s not a doubt that they would work fine with Windows Laptop or PC.
  10. HeadPhones or AirPods?
    It’s a truth that if we go into the segment of more then Rs. 10,000 we would be looking into premium headphones or premium portal speakers. But now there are many wireless earphones in this range now. And according to me, if Quality is what matters to you, you should go for headphones. I am not saying that Airpods are not good. They are! if you have an iPhone, there shouldn’t be any other thought. The integration of the Air Pods with iPhone is too damn awesome!

How to Connect Air Pods with your iPhone?

To connect your Air Pods, You just need to keep your iPhone’s Bluetooth on and just open up the Airpod’s charging box lid and within few seconds Airpods would be detected by the iPhone and ready to use!

Yes, it’s just that simple!

Oh! And yes another thing!
You can also check AirPods battery from your iPhone! but on Android, it’s not possible.

Should I buy AirPods or Xiaomi Airdots?

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If you have iOS device definitely AirPods, but if you have android I would say that Air Dots are cheap and would give you more or less a good wireless experience, the only downside I found of AirPods is that few people take time to adjust Airdots to adjust into their hands, while Air Pods are easy to equip.


AirPods are definitely a blessing for Apple Users and a great addon for your Apple Family but if you own Android device, it would be great that you look into some other options.

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