All things launched at Apple Event : Apple TV +, Apple Arcade & More

It’s SHOWTIME! Today All the Apple enthusiasts, consumers, and bloggers would be coming in Steve Jobs Theatre in California.

AndroidHire would be closely watching the event LIVE and would be updating with the latest happenings on the announcements along with our analysis!

What to Expect?

Apple would be launching its own TV streaming service just like Netflix and Amazon Prime and their prime focus would be on entertainment!

Apple streaming service & its cost

The monthly fee is expected to be $9.99 (Rs 689 approx). Apple might launch its service on Android and Smart TVs to make a financial impact, said analysts from Macquarie in a recent report

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All timestamp is in IST format

12:19 am :-  Tim Cooks thanks all . To the attendies, to the viewers to all people supporting apple.

12:18 am :- The customer would be the center of everything we do – Tim Cook

12:17 am :-  Tim Cook back on stage

12:11 am :- Oprah on the stage.

12:08 am :- All this content would be available in TV app on all Apple devices and Smart TV.Apple TV + is ad free subscription and available in 100+ countries launching this fall.

More shows to come with the launch.

12:03 am :- New upcoming series called “Little Voice” which is about a woman who has to find her voice and herself through music.

12:00 am :- this new program would teach children how to code

11:59 pm :- New pre-school show coming up known as  “Helpsters” from Sesame.

11:57 pm :- Apple partnering with the team behind Sesame Street for new content

“Little America” inspired  by the true stories of immigrants in U.S

11:53 pm :- Kumail  Nanjiani on stage to talk about his show. Show’s name is “Little America”.

11:51 pm: –  New upcoming sci-fi show See. It takes place in a world where earth was devastated by a virus and only few survivors are left. AND yes THEY ARE BLIND.

11:48 pm :- Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer on stage to talk about their drama – The Morning Show

11:45 pm:- Amazing Stories is an old sc-fi series thats getting resurrected and coming on Apple platform

11:43 pm :- Mr Spielberg on stage to tell about his work with Apple.

11:40 pm :- M. Night Shyamalan, J.J Abrams,Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steven Spielberg all in one video talking about their collab with Apple

11:37 pm :- Apple TV + is Apple’s new streaming TV service for its original content

11:35 pm :- Tim Cook back on stage for announcing its original content

11:34 pm :- Apple TV App also coming to Mac this fall

11:33 pm :- New App TV now available on iPhone,iPad and Apple TV coming May.

11:30 pm :-  All Channels like HBO,HULU,Prime video would be available. But you need to have their subscriptions

11:23 pm: –  its time about Apple TV. Entire catalogue is now embedded in TV app. Playstation Vue,Hulu,Fubo Tv all you can access at one place.

Apple TV Channels include  HBO,nicklodean, The History Channel vault, Comedy Central Now and lots more

Apple Arcade available this FALL in more then 150 countries with pricing and more details coming soon.

11:20 pm :- All games would be free with no in app purchases or in-app ads.

11:17 pm : Apple has partnered with Disney,Saga,Lego,CN,Konami and many more.

It would include more than 100 new and exclusive games. It would have dedicated Tab in App Store.Rather than paying up front. You would be able to play any Apple arcade game with just the apple subscription fee

11:16 pm:  New Gaming subscription : APPLE ARCADE

11 :15 pm :  More then 1 billion people have downlaoded games on App Store.

11: 15 pm : Apple Card is coming to the Wallet app this summer.

11:10 pm – With all these upcoming features. Apple wants to be your bank

11:00 pm :- Apple Pay redesigned. you can track your expenses through categories.Machine learning to translate vague transactions into meaningful ones.

10:59 pm :- All help getting becomes easier with friendly message chats

10:59 pm: –Sign up on iPhone and start using Apple Card right away.used worldwide. Apple card available on all devices

10:57 pm :-  Lower interest rates,privacy and secure, new service  announced Apple Card!.

10:56 pm :- Apple pay to be available in more then 40 countries

10:55 pm :- Turn for Apple Pay Now!

Launching at US and Canada right now with French and English support.

10:52 pm :-Subscription starts at 9.99 USD dollars. Family Sharing at no extra charge.Apple News update available right now. First month Free!

10:51 pm :-On device intelligence to make you recommend. Apple doesn’t allow advertisers to track you

10:49 pm : Apple News + has Los Angeles Times. It would also include The Wall Street General

10:47 pm : All news curated by Apple staff

1045 pm :- Demo being done on the stage. News+ tab now available on the Magazines App.

All things launched at Apple Event : Apple TV +, Apple Arcade & More 1

10:45 pm – Magazine reading experience. over 300 magazines(not 3000! :P) Entertainment,Fashion,Politics,Health,Lifestyle,Magazines for Foodies,Gear Heads

10:41 pm – Apple News + video displaying various people on journalism and photography

10:40 pm – Apple News+ announced.

All things launched at Apple Event : Apple TV +, Apple Arcade & More 3

10:39 pm :- Magazines coming to Apple News. With amazing design and stylist photography

10:38pm:- Apple News is number one News App! -Tim Cook

10:37pm:- Apple News announced! AS A SERVICE!

Tim tells that the services as Easy to Use,attention to detail,Private and Secure,Curated by experts

10:35pm :  Tim talks about various services Apple provides like Facetime,Messages,iTunes, Wallet etc.

moving towards services?
moving towards services?

All things launched at Apple Event : Apple TV +, Apple Arcade & More 5

10:30pm IST- Finally started with a graphical movie .. with colorful effects

10:27 pm IST – Official streaming not started yet. AndroidHire Team Online to give you updates

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