Apple iPhone 11 News, Specs, Rumors

iPhone 11 Rumors

People started talking about iPhone 11 from now. What will be new in iPhone 11 and what we can except from apple. There are many other company which are giving tough competition to Apple and Samsung. It is for sure the upcoming iPhone will not be iPhone 9.

OLED display again

According to the reports, The next two iPhone will have OLED display. Apple has order OLED display from Samsung. New Report state that apple has cancelled the 5.2-inch display order. We can expect that there will be large screen display in next iPhone 11.OLED is all about future.

TrueDepth camera

According to reports of Mashable. There will be front facing 3D true-depth camera. Apple is working on it and next two iPhone 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch which will be pretty amazing to watch.

Price and release date

iPhone x was the most expensive phone right now. Apple may bring the price down of Apple iPhone 1. According to AppleInsider iPhone with LCD will go on sale in late 2018 and the price of iPhone x will be around $650-$750.