Apple iPhone 12 could bring Google Pixel 4 like features.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 has been in the news off late with number of leaks about the upcoming iPhone’s finding place on the web over the last few weeks. The new iPhone’s are said to bring a host of new upgrades in terms of both features and specs. Recently, a new leak has revealed some interesting details about phone’s module.
The information comes courtesy of patently Apple which has accessed a leaked patent filed by Apple. The report claims Apple’s iPhone 12 is all set to get a new time of flight camera that will help it capture 4x the data compared to the current and older technologies such as 3D scanning.

This will help the module improve on the accuracy of the face ID technology. Later, it could help Apple bring improved AR experience and better indoor navigation. There will be other uses as well with the technology also possibly being used to improve portrait shots by enhancing the blur effect in images clicked using the phone. But more interestingly the fact that the patent suggests this new hardware could enable and usher in what’s known as in-air gesturing for the iPhone and in vehicles in the future.

Just a reminder, the air gesture technology is available on the Pixel 4, which employs the project soli radar technology to bring air gesturing capabilities to the phone. While the phone hasn’t been made available in India, users in global markets have complained of issues with the phone. Now, Apple could very likely use this new ToF sensor to bring improved air gesturing capabilities to its iPhone’s.

People who have been eagerly waiting for the company to launch the new iPhone 12 have to wait as few days ago the company confirmed that it won’t unveil the upcoming iPhone 12 series in September. The phone will be launched in October as per the reports.

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