Apple launched its own credit card, The Apple Card

Today along with the TV+ service, Apple Arcade, Apple also launched a credit card! Yes, the production company which makes iPhones and MacBooks have developed the Apple card for the iPhones and the Wallet app.

You just have to sign up from your iPhone and within 5 minutes you would be able to use it with Apple Pay.

According to Apple, Apple Pay reached 10 billion transactions, and by the end of this year, Apple Pay would be available to use in more than 40 countries.

How does Apple Card work?

Once you sign up, you can control the card from the Wallet App. When you tap on the cards you can see last transactions, how much you spent in different categories of expenditure and how much you are in under debt.

Bonus:- Every time you use Apple Pay transaction you get 2% cashback. For Apple purchases, you get 3% cashback.

Apple has partnered with Goldman Sach and Mastercard to issue Apple card. Apple promises that it won’t sell your data!

One other awesome thing. There is no late fee, no annual fees, no international fees. You can start a multi-month plan.

You get a physical titanium card with a laser-etched name. If you use the physical card you would get 1% daily cash back.

Last but not least. You would be getting different card numbers for each of your iOS devices. You can access the PIN using Face ID or fingerprint scanner. The physical version of Apple cards would be available coming Summer in the United States of America

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