Best IDE for Python

5 Best IDE for Python in 2020

We all know that if its the topic of performance and programming Apple’s OS is one of the best to program on and gives optimum performance and in the 21st century Python is one of the powerful languages

Merge Finder windows in Mac

Easy Trick: How to Merge Finder windows in Mac

If you have used old MAC OS then you might remember¬†you can’t merge the windows and it was very difficult to work on the system. Why Merge Feature is Helpful? It is very difficult to work, if you

MacBook Keyword shortcuts

60+ best Complete List of MacBook Keyword shortcuts

If you want to increase the productivity in office work then you should know keyword shortcuts as this will save your lot of times. We have listed all the MacBook keyword shortcuts that enhance your workflow. Although in

delete duplicate songs from itunes

How to Delete Duplicate Songs from iTunes Library

If you are Apple device user you would definitely know what iTunes is. In this How-To you will learn How to Delete Duplicate Songs from iTunes. What is iTunes? Written in C++, iTunes is a media player, media

How to Edit Music Metadata in iTunes on Mac

How to Edit Music Metadata in iTunes on Mac

In this Apple Tutorial, we will learn how to edit music metadata in iTunes on Mac. Editing Metadata Information is not a big task. Sometimes your music file gets incorrect information or no information even sometimes mix information

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