If you’re looking for a way to pass your summers oozed with software bugs and infrequent updates, then go ahead and download the iOS 12 public beta from the official Apple public beta website. After visiting the website, you may want to sign up or login for Apple’s Beta testing program. You will need your Apple ID to do it. If it’s your first time, then go ahead and sign up. Otherwise, log in. Once you have logged into the program dashboard, you have to move to the iOS tab. Before downloading the update you will see the new features introduced in the all-new OS. Now, download the profile, and install it on your device. After some time, your device will be running on iOS 12 public beta.

The public beta software is the least stable and we recommend you not to download it on your primary device. You should try it out on a tester phone or your iPad. But if you only have one device and you can’t hold your eagerness, and then make sure you back up all your data before installing iOS 12. Just in case, iOS 12 messes up your whole phone. The stable final release will come later this fall after Apple’s annual iPhone event, according to the WWDC 2018 releases.
Quick Recap of the features:

iOS 12 was introduced at WWDC 2018 and its USP is that it’s faster than ever. But the new OS has not only got faster but got some intriguing new features. Memoji for iPhone X users will allow making their own Animoji. Screen Time function will help significantly reduce device usage time. The notifications have got revamped. Facetime has got the feature to chat with up to 32 people at a time. A couple of new apps will also be the part of iOS 12.