Well, Its new week and once again the tech giant Apple is in the problem. And this time its related to the App store of Apple. The U.S supreme court will hear the arguments on whether the consumer of Apps from App Store should be allowed to sue Apple over “monopoly” that the apple has over its software that only the apps which are installed via App Store can be run on the iPhones and other iOS devices.

Social media applications are seen on an iPhone 8 plus in this photo illustration on September 15, 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

Also, it’s noted that the developer of the App gets 70% of revenue and 30percent of revenue goes to the Apple’s account.

According to a report from NBC, Supreme court of US has to consider whether the developers or Apple are responsible for overcharging on Apps.

Developers show concern that if consumers win this case, it would have a ripple effect on other app stores such as Google Play. It has to be noted also that Apple generated about 10 billion US dollars alone from the App Store.


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