Google Stadia

List of Games available on Stadia :Best Guide

We already covered here that Google lauched its Online game streaming service Stadia last year with 30+ games announced that time. In this post we are going to update the list of games available on Stadia. In the

Best IDE for Python

5 Best IDE for Python in 2020

We all know that if its the topic of performance and programming Apple’s OS is one of the best to program on and gives optimum performance and in the 21st century Python is one of the powerful languages

Stock Broker's Guide in 2020

The Best Modern Stock Broker’s Guide To Trading Hours In 2020

Being a successful stockbroker has always been enticing to people. However, in these mercurial times, where online trading is preferred, one needs to keep themselves updated with the trends in vogue and mold accordingly.Here we present stock broker’s

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