chrome 86 disable autofill

Chrome 86 will disable Autofill on insecure forms

The autofill option found in web browsers allows you to fill out commonly entered information in a web form. This information might be your full name, e-mail or postal address, or your credit card information. This sensitive information is only remembered on your computer

Pixel 4a vs. Pixel 3a :Which is better ?

Last week Google announced Pixel 4a , which is a budget oriented Pixel line up phone. But nonetheless Pixel 3a is still a good buy. In this post we would be having a Pixel 4a vs. Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a pricing & availability

Last week Google announced its upcoming affordable flagship called Google Pixel 4a, it would be the successor of current line up of Pixel 3a. In this post we would be discussing the best deals and the price of

Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Galaxy Z Flip now available to purchase from AT&T, Best Buy, T-Mobile

Samsung released its first clamshell-style folding phone earlier this year, the Galaxy Z Flip. Although still a niche device, it seemed to capture the attention of buyers more than the original Galaxy Fold. Samsung announced last month that a slightly-upgraded 5G version was

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