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10 Best AI Apps for iOS for 2024

Artificial intelligence brought a fantastic revolution in the year 2024. AI has a more significant storm in the world of technology, and to this day, be it from photography to productivity, we have artificial intelligence being incorporated throughout all the tech stuff. 

ChatGPT brought up the revolution with their new AI platform with the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. To date, we have launched many AI apps and websites. If you use an iPhone with iOS, we have covered you with some of the best AI apps you should use in 2024.

Best AI Apps for iOS in 2024

Fast-forward to 2024 after the launch of Open AI’s ChatGPT, and we’ve got plenty of AI-based iOS apps on the market, let’s take a look at the list:

01. ChatGPT 

10 Best AI Apps for iOS for 2024 11

Let’s start with where it all started! Yes, as we mentioned above, the AI revolution began with the new OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which made its way to launch. 

The all-new ChatGPT was launched as the biggest new AI language model, and the interface was about answering any of your questions or queries. Be it from getting advanced reasoning and logic, write code, and make mathematical calculations.

ChatGPT was the first-ever chatbot that was launched as a website. Fast forward to 2024, we have OpenAI launching the new AI-based ChatGPT apps for iOS and iPhone users.

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02. Bing AI (Microsoft Copilot)

Bing AI (Microsoft Copilot)
Bing AI (Microsoft Copilot) Image Credits: Tech Crunch

OpenAI’s launch for ChatGPT took a lot of attention from other technological giants, and this is where Microsoft has partnered with the all-new OpenAI.

With this partnership, OpenAI and Microsoft will upgrade their Bing Search. Now, Bing Search is not only about searching for queries on the web; in fact, with the AI corporation, we have Bing becoming smarter and offering visual AI representations; this was possible with embedding DALL-E.

Users looking for an alternative to the Safari browser can use this new application.

03. Otter. ai 

Otter AI
Otter AI Image Credits: Otter

Otter AI is another new copilot that is the right choice for professionals. With the launch of otter.ai, now joining meetings has become more efficient and easier. 

Now, with Otter.Ai, your meetings are more than just recording where. Now, you can enjoy more features like transcribing audio, taking notes, capturing slides, and generating real-time summaries.

04. ELSA Speak AI

ELSA Speak AI Image Credits: ELSA Speak

ElSA Speak AI is the newest app for all learners out there! Traditionally, we only had traditional ways to learn languages, including YouTube and conventional teaching in schools.

Now, you can make it more accessible from the comfort of your home, where we have the new ELSA Speak AI apps for users who want to learn English. Thanks to the fantastic personalized English lessons and real-time feedback on pronunciation, accent, vocabulary, and grammar.

ELSA Speak is like an AI-based virtual tutor that helps users learn English and converse more confidently. Also, it’s a great application, especially for Indians and other users of other countries who can use it to prepare for IELTS or TOEFL.

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05. Starry AI 

Starry AI
Starry AI Image Credits: future tools

Starry AI supports creating or generating new beautiful images with just a prompt message. Starrt AI is the new AI-based application specially designed for iOS applications.

The new Starry AI application helps generate up to 5 artworks daily. Where you can generate new artwork without any such waterworks, and you even get to customize your creations with different models, styles, aspect ratios, and initial photos.

It’s a straightforward application where all you need to do is give a prompt, and you get the beautiful images being generated. However, if you want to create more than five images daily, you can use the monthly subscription plan of $11.99.

06. Lensa AI Application 

Lensa AI Application
Lensa AI Application Image Credits: SportsKeeda

To make image editing easier in today’s life! We have Lensa AI, which is the Artificial Intelligence incorporated image editing tool, or, let’s call it, the best AI image editing application for iOS users.

Lensa AI can be used for editing pictures, especially with portrait selfies, which you can use to toggle between different filters. Some of the best features are skin refining effects, eye correction, and an illustrator editor.

This new iOS application also supports an Avatar Generation tool called the new Magic Avatars, through which you create and add avatars. Lensa AI can also be used for free, and you get to upgrade to $2.16 per month, allowing you to access all the features.

07. Socratic by Google – New AI application for iOS 

Socratic by Google - New AI application for iOS 
Socratic by Google – New AI application for iOS  Image Credits: Google-Socratic

If you have been looking to learn something new, this tool is the right choice for you, and this being Google‘s official tool, you can certainly trust the application. This new Socratic application is the right choice for high school and college students, where you get access to the learning complicated subjects like maths, science, history and English too.

Also, you get the option to use the voice or camera to ask questions and get the solution then and there.

08. Replika AI – A new AI Friend

Replika AI - A new AI Friend
Replika AI – A new AI Friend Image Credits: Medium

Traditionally making a new friend used to happen in places where you can meet and greet fast forward to 2024, we have Replika which is like a new AI friendly chatbot launched for the iOS users. This new AI application is not for productivity or something but in fact this new application is real easy and fun to learn.

Replika AI helps in making a new AI friend or even a new romantic partner to whom you can share you thoughts and feelings, track your mood, and work on goals like positive thinking and stress management.

The new replica AI comes with free access however, you can also go with the subscription model where now you can go with $7.99 monthly subscription plan too.

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09. Cleo – Best Money Budgeting App

Cleo - Best Money Budgeting App
Cleo – Best Money Budgeting App Image Credits: Trend Hunter

In today’s date, the money budget is significant! With AI incorporation, we have a new AI-based money budget application called the Cleo, which will help you manage and track your finances more efficiently.

This new application also provides a chatbot like experiences where you can get instant answers to all the finance related queries.

10. Read AI 

Read AI 
Read AI  Image Credits: Tech Crunch

Read AI is the new AI summarizer that will help generate summarizing and transcribing emails. Also, the Read AI can transcribe video recordings through which the transcription works through platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

The new Read AI also supports a Playback feature through which you can enjoy an accurate view of a call by converting an hour-long call and trimming it to just a 2-minute short video.


In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence has been bring a huge revolution in the world of technology and computing. Be it from improving your productivty or daily lifestyle or even managing your expenses or getting a new virtual friend or partern, the above mentioned lists of the best AI apps for iOS has got it all covered for you.

We will be covering with more updates and happening in the world of AI and Tech, so stay tuned with us on Android Hire for more updates.

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