Best Android Fitness Apps

Everyone is using smartphones nowadays, it is easy to track your day to day activities using fitness apps. There are plenty of apps in the Apps store, you have to choose the best fitness apps for you. Apps are using phone sensors to keep all the tracks of your activities and it is the best way to keep yourself fit by analyzing things.

Here are the best Android Fitness apps

1. Google Fit

Google Fit is one of the best fitness apps. It’s integrated with Android Wear also, so you don’t have to look into your phone every time. You can set the goals and give you a notification. There are various types of tracking option you can check. It is great for a newbie as it is entirely free to use.


2. Runtastic

Runtastic is another popular Android fitness apps. It has got a lot of feature such as 3D mapping, Android wear support supported with GPS, heart rate, calories burned, pace, distance covered and lot more. It has a simple interface. You can integrate the app with music also, so while doing the workout you can listen to your favorite songs. The basic feature is free but if you want an advance feature then you have to buy the PRO pack.


3. Nike+ Training Club

Nike Training Club has a lot of workout plans. The apps give you a suggestion for a workout according to your goal you have set. Few workouts have videos and photos to do the workout correctly. Those exercises can be stored offline also in your devices.


4. Yoga Studio

This is one of the best apps fitness apps for yoga as it comes with more than 70 Yoga classes and there is video instruction also. It has more than 280 Yoga poses. This apps is not free and you have to pay Rs.1300 for this. Perfect for beginners and awesome for experts who already doing yoga.


5. Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

In this Android apps, you can create running route, keep a track of your activities. Daily challenges will be there to keep you boosted and share those achievements with friends on social media. This fitness apps has partner apps also where you can connect with a music player, Fitbit etc. It can also be integrated with Bluetooth connectivity as sync Android Wear, Pebble etc.