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Top 10 Business Android Apps in 2021

Most of the business is now operated through Mobile Phones. Be it freelancers or any bloggers like us. Every publication service such as WordPress, Bloggers, Youtube provides their respective Apps for content creators to keep an eye on their business or blogs on the go.

In this article, we are going to highlight our top ten picks for the Apps falling in the category of Business

Which Apps are appropriate for consideration?

The Apps which provide any functionality or ease in managing your business would be taken into consideration.

PS:- We won’t be considering some Official Apps like WordPress, MS Office for Android, Blogger, Youtube Creators App as these are the most common apps and everyone knows about them.

List of Business Android Apps in 2021

10. Zoho Meeting (Price: Free)

Zoho Meeting

Yes, we know about Skype, Microsoft’s one of the best tools for businesses. But if you are bored with their UI or frustrated because it’s slow then let me introduce you to Zoho Corporation Apps for Android. Zoho Meeting App is free to use and provides the same functionality as of Skype on the go.

You can use other Zoho Apps like Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator along with it to create a suite like MS Office.

9. Upwork (Free)


I know fiverr is one of the best freelancing apps you can have on your smartphone, but initially, you won’t be getting any orders if you are not a high rated freelancer there. But what you can do is you can download Upwork: Easily connect on the go App.

Features of Upwork as stated by them:-

Freelancers can quickly:
• Can view and accept or reject job invitations
• You can chat with clients 
• Get notifications of new jobs
• Search for jobs and submit proposals

Clients can quickly:
• Chat with freelancers
• Get notified when freelancers accept or decline 
• Review freelancer profiles and proposals
• Hire freelancers

8. SignEasy | Sign and Fill PDF and Other Documents (Premium with a Price Model)

SignEasy | Sign and Fill PDF and other Documents

Most of the work now is done on mobile devices and most of the times one may have to sign and send documents over email. This app does the same. Unlike me having Note 8, I don’t find it hard to put my signature on the documents, thanks to Note 8’s S-Pen.

But people without Note Phone and still have to sign stuff regularly. This App is just for you. It has a 4+ stars rating from over 10k+ users!

7. Freshdesk


The time of official help desks are gone, thanks to this App. You can now respond to customer queries on the go through your smartphone via different channels such as email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, your own website too.

According to FreshDesk, their top features are:-
1. Get a quick overview of your helpdesk. Access all tickets available to you.
2. Prioritize the tickets that need your attention with filters before responding.
3. Manage your support – Set priorities, assign agents, change tickets statuses.
4. Race through routine actions with one-click scenario automation.
5. Delete tickets and block spam right from your phone.
6. Log time spent on a ticket.
7. Stay informed about all updates and changes with push notifications.

It has a rating of over 4 stars from  2000 users.

6. LogoMaker By Shopify

If you don’t have good designer friends or you use your smartphone only for your business. This App is for you. You can get lots of professionally designed logos for free from this App. This App also lets you create your own logos from scratch with some touches and clicks.

It’s a good app if you are not used to software like Adobe Photoshop. The App has 4.5+ stars rating with 30k+ reviews from users.

5. Invoice Maker

Invoice Maker

Well if you are running your own business or planning to do a startup, its evident that you would sell something and would definitely require an invoice making system. This App is just right for you.

It’s free to use and has over 4 stars rating on the Play Store.

* Create and manage unlimited estimates and invoices.
* Email, share, print and open invoices.
* PIN-base key code to secure your data.

And much more. If you looking for an invoice creator Apps this one is for you.

4. TickTick


Any person who is running a business knows before in hand what tasks he has to complete on the current date and what tasks are to be done in the coming days.Planning is important. And Thus this App too!

TickTick is a To-do List type of App which lets you create items under To-Do List and it notifies you at the time you intend to complete any task. I personally use it daily to coordinate work on AndroidHire.

My favourite features of this App which the Developer mentions:-

  1. Easy to use
  2. Sync across your devices
  3. Quickly create tasks and notes

3. Cam Scanner (Free/ Paid(130INR)

Well well, how can we not include this important app in our list. This App just magically scans your document and makes it fit for you to send to organisations or keep it for yourself.

Just place the document you need to scan. Select the document type as if they are documents or ID card or any other type of paper. and take a picture just like you take it from your native Camera App. Once the picture of the document is taken, you have to crop the document and rest would be done by the App itself.

It is one of the must-have Apps for your smartphone.

2. LinkedIn


Surprised to see this common app here? Well Yes! LinkedIn app (owned by Microsoft) is one of the Apps where you can meet potential investors for your startup idea or just create a buzz for your Business. Whenever you search any company on Google, its LinkedIn profile is also displayed in results (if they have) along with Glassdoor reviews from the company employees.

Its a must have App if you are going for a startup.

1. Push Bullet

I would keep this app at number 1 due to a hell lot of reasons. Nowadays every person has lots of gadgets., from phones to Laptops to Tablets. You can’t miss any notification at any cost.

Push Bullet helps you to synchronise all the notifications across your devices. For example, if your phone is away and you are working upon something on your laptop and a call comes. You won’t get to know if the phone is in silent mode. But push Bullet would send you notification about your Call.

The Best Feature of Push Bullet?

Believe it or not! but sending text or images from one device to all of my other devices remains my favourite feature of this App. It works like Apple’s AirDrop.

For example, while browsing on your laptop you found a cute puppy image and you want it to be the wallpaper of your phone.No Problem! Just right click on the image and send it via Push Bullet to your smartphone (Your smartphone should have Push Bullet App installed in it)

So, guys, that’s all. These are the best business android apps that you should should try as they have been doing to help small as well as large businesses function properly.

Is there any other App that you use and we have not mentioned it? Do let us know in the comments section and we would personally try it out ourselves and if we like it a lot we may even make a video on it giving you the suggestion credits too at the end.

Dhaval is a tech geek who loves developing software, games and writing technical posts. In his free time, he loves to read novels.

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