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5 Best Cooking Games for Android

Cooking is an art that everyone can’t masters. Many circumstances refuse to perform this art. However, the passion behind cooking should never die. For that reason, Play Store has many free cooking games to simulate this art. Best Cooking games will keep the passion alive until you master the real art, and these games are fun to play. We have shortlisted some of the free cooking games for android users.

Coking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games

This game is a simulation of a restaurant where you have to play the role of a chef. The game is about serving delicious dishes to hungry customers in different restaurants. Restaurants are like levels once you completed the required goal, then you will be promoted to another restaurant. You can upgrade your kitchen by upgrading your appliances.

latest Updates and improvements

  • Join us on the Music Festival season pass, beat levels to get notes, and climb tiers for rewards!
  • Buy the Gold Pass to unlock the exclusive customer: Vocalist!
  • Earn a chance to get an animated avatar and an exclusive avatar frame!
  • More content has been added to the Cuisine Guide!
  • Visual and general user experience optimized
  • Game performance optimized

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is another cooking game that is all about pizza. You have to manage a pizzeria where customers come in and give you pizza orders. Time management is key to this game. As you complete the orders, you earn money and upgrade your belongings in the game.

Latest Updates and improvements

  • Fixed minor bugs

Other Game Categories: Best Racing, Strategy, Ar (Augmented Reality)

Cooking Mama: Lets’s Cook

Cooking Mama is one of the few cooking games that let you cook food. You have to Chop, bake, stew, and do other activities in this game. This game is quite different from other cooking games where you have to harvest some of the ingredients for your dishes. Serve the delicious food to the customers at the restaurant. The game itself has various other mini-games.

Latest Updates and improvements

  • Limited time recipe this time!
  • Spaghetti aglio e olio
  • Play limited until the next update!
  • Fixed certain bugs.
  • Made balance adjustments.

Cooking Fever- Restaurant Game

Cooking fever is another fun-to-play game where you have to cook delicious meals and desserts worldwide. This game is one of the most popular cooking games in the Play Store. The game is about fulfilling time-based food combos to the customers.

Latest Updates and improvements

  • A new location has just opened! Visit the Alpine Resort in the mountains to find a fabulous, brand-new place.
  • The Frog and Snail restaurant! Be amazed by the luxurious, elegant interior and the delicious aroma of the exceptional cuisine.
  • What’s more, this place is looking for a top-class chef! Are YOU ready to take your cooking skills to the next level?
  • Prepare exquisite meals using frog legs and snails and pair them with a glass of cold, refreshing tonic! Enjoy and master high-class cooking!

Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off

If you are a Spongebob fan, this game is a must. Aside from that, this game is a fun-to-play cooking game. Create your own Bikini Bottom kitchen, upgrade and customize your restaurant. Serve delicious food to your customers, and at a certain point in the game, you have to serve iconic Krabby Patties to customers.

Latest Updates and improvements

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These are the best and free cooking games for smartphones across the Play Store, I hope you liked this article. Do check our other articles on technology and reviews.

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