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Best Discord Music Bots for Your Server

Discord, a platform initially designed for gamers, has expanded its wings and evolved into a general-purpose platform. It offers various features to communities, particularly its ability to incorporate bots that automate tasks and augment user engagement.

Among these bots, Discord Music Bots have gained significant popularity. They provide users with an immersive environment to listen to their favorite tunes while interacting with their friends or community members.

However, the recent shutdown of the popular Groovy and Rhythm bots has created a void that needs to be filled. Hence, the focus has shifted towards discovering new, efficient, and reliable Discord Music Bots.

In this Artciel we will explore the 15 best Discord Music Bots that you should consider for your server in 2023.

1. Jockie Music – Unleash the Power of Music

Jockie Music is a top-tier Discord Music Bot that supports a plethora of music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, and TIDAL. This bot allows users to either type the keyword in the channel after the “m!play” prefix or directly paste the song link to initiate playback. In addition, it offers a variety of audio effects, including bass boost, karaoke, and echo, among others.

Jockie Music stands out with its unique feature of allowing up to four instances in the same server, facilitating simultaneous music-listening sessions. Supporting the project on Patreon also unlocks additional perks, such as 24/7 access to the voice channel and exclusive premium Jockie bots.


  • Supports multiple music platforms
  • Offers various audio effects
  • Allows up to four instances in the same server


  • Some features require a Patreon subscription

Get Jockie Music

2. Uzox – Premium Music Experience for Free

Uzox is an excellent Discord Music Bot that offers premium features for free. It provides reliable music playback from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitch live streams, and more. Additionally, Uzox offers a variety of music filters free of cost, enhancing your music listening experience.

Another notable feature is its support for lyrics. You can press the on-screen lyrics button to view the lyrics of the currently playing song. For users seeking a comprehensive music experience, Uzox is an excellent choice.


  • Offers premium features for free
  • Provides a variety of music filters
  • Supports lyrics


  • Some features may be complex for beginners

Get Uzox

3. Fredboat – High Quality Music Playback

FredBoat is a powerful Discord Music Bot that supports several different websites, including YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, and more. Its unique search functionality allows users to search for song names rather than adding links, making it user-friendly and efficient.

FredBoat’s open-source nature and its ability to play music with minimal loss in quality make it a trustworthy choice for high-quality music enthusiasts.


  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Offers a high-quality music experience
  • Provides search functionality for songs


  • The user interface might be overwhelming for new users

Get Fredboat

4. Hydra – A Feature-Packed Bot

Hydra is a versatile Discord bot with a primary focus on music. It plays high-quality music with minimal lag or distortion, ensuring an immersive music experience. Its unique feature allows server members to vote to skip the current track, promoting a democratic music listening environment.

The premium version of Hydra offers 24/7 music playback, global volume controls, unlimited saved playlists, and much more, making it a comprehensive music bot for your Discord server.


  • Minimal lag or distortion
  • Supports vote to skip feature
  • Offers a premium version with enhanced features


  • Some features are only available in the premium version

Get Hydra

5. Chip – An Intuitive Music Bot

Chip ranks among the best Discord Music bots with its support for Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. Its user-friendly interface with convenient buttons for pause, resume, skip, stop, and queue checking reduces the reliance on commands for navigation.

Subscribing to Chip’s Patreon page allows users to access additional perks such as 24/7 playback, global volume controls, audio effects like bass boost & nightcore, making it a desirable choice for Discord music lovers.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports multiple music platforms
  • Offers additional perks via Patreon subscription


  • Some features require a Patreon subscription

Get Chip

6. Zandercraft – High Quality Music for Audiophiles

Zandercraft stands out among Discord Music Bots for its ability to play XHD (Extra HD) and Hi-Fi music. This feature makes it the perfect tool for audiophiles who desire to stream high-quality music on Discord.

Zandercraft supports all standard features like song playing, searching for songs, adding songs to the queue, and creating playlists, making it an excellent choice for Hi-Fi music fans.


  • Supports high-quality music streaming
  • Offers all standard music bot features
  • Perfect for audiophiles


  • Might require a fast and stable internet connection for high-quality streaming

Get Zandercraft

7. BMO – More Than Just Music

BMO is a comprehensive Discord Music Bot supporting games, utilities, image manipulations, and more in addition to music. Its music features are quite basic, including song search, play, and queue addition, yet it works fast and plays songs in excellent quality.

Although its commands might be a tad challenging, spending some time learning about this bot can unlock a multitude of features, making it a valuable addition to your server.


  • Provides a variety of features in addition to music
  • Offers high-quality music playback
  • Supports games and utilities


  • Commands might be challenging for beginners


8. Vexera – Seamless Music Experience

Vexera is a versatile Discord Music Bot that smoothens your music playback experience. It uses YouTube as its music provider, ensuring you get all the latest songs sans any hassle. You can control music playback and queuing with in-channel controls.

In addition to music, Vexera brings powerful moderation tools and the ability to send greeting messages to new members, making it a comprehensive bot for your Discord server.


  • Provides a smooth music playback experience
  • Offers powerful moderation tools
  • Sends greeting messages to new members


  • Some features might be complex for new users

Get Vexera

9. Aiode – Spotify Streaming Made Easy

Are you a Spotify user seeking a Discord Music Bot that can stream Spotify songs on your server? Aiode is the bot for you. It allows you to directly search for Spotify songs and play them. In addition, Aiode supports other services like YouTube and Soundcloud.

Aiode offers a ton of customization options, from bot commands to custom playlists. It can even create cross-platform playlists with songs from Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc., and play Twitch streams on your server. Plus, it’s entirely free!


  • Allows Spotify streaming in Discord
  • Offers a ton of customization options
  • Completely free to use


  • Some features might be complex for new users

Get Aiode

10. ProBot – A Powerful Music Bot

Like Zandercraft, ProBot is a powerful Discord bot capable of handling everything you need in your Discord server. It offers the ability to stream high-quality music on your server, searches for music on YouTube, and offers useful commands to control playback.

Apart from music, ProBot can assist with moderation, especially for servers with a large number of people. It supports embeds and can create a custom level system for your Discord server based on user activity.


  • Provides high-quality music streaming
  • Offers moderation tools
  • Supports custom level systems based on user activity


  • Some features might be complex for new users

Get ProBot

11. MEE6 – A Visual Music Player for Discord

MEE6 is an exceptional Discord Music Bot that stands out with its visual player. It allows users to control their music without using any complex commands. Simply rearrange songs with drag and drop and click to pause, play, and skip songs.

MEE6 supports several music sources, including SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitch, and more. However, it should be noted that the music control interface is part of a subscription pro plan.


  • Provides a visual music player
  • Supports multiple music sources
  • Offers premium features with a pro plan


  • Some features require a Pro plan subscription

Get MEE6

12. ChillBot – For Lo-Fi Music Fans

ChillBot is a perfect choice for fans of Lo-Fi music. This bot is essentially a live-streaming radio station that streams chilled-out Lo-Fi songs 24×7. With simple and intuitive commands, controlling the bot is easy, giving users the real feel of an actual radio station.


  • Ideal for Lo-Fi music fans
  • Provides a live-streaming radio station experience
  • Easy to control with intuitive commands


  • Limited to Lo-Fi music only

Get ChillBot

13. Champbot – More Than Just a Music Bot

Champbot is an all-in-one Discord bot that not only plays music but also offers features like weather forecasts and admin commands. Apart from music-playing capabilities, this bot offers features like weather reports, a casino command for community fun, an Akinator command, and more, making it more than just a music bot.


  • Offers additional features like weather forecasts and games
  • Provides admin commands
  • Offers a music-playing capability


  • Some features might be complex for new users

Get Champbot

14. Lunabot – A Dedicated Music Bot

Lunabot is another excellent choice for a Discord Music Bot. It comes with essential features like pause/play, a queue system, volume options, autoplay, and more. Lunabot also offers nightcore toggles, the option to keep it in a voice channel 24*7, and more.

Lunabot provides better bitrate options in its paid version, making it the best option for those looking for a dedicated Discord Music Bot.


  • Offers essential music features
  • Provides nightcore toggles
  • Can stay in a voice channel 24*7


  • Some features require a paid subscription

Get Lunabot

15. Greenbot – A Music-Focused Discord Bot

Greenbot is a music-focused Discord bot that allows music-loving Discord users to enjoy their favorite tracks. Users can manage the music playing on the bot through the official website, allow the bot to play music 24*7, and even implement a robust permission system to allow only specific members to play music.

The bot maker also provides a subscription service, where users can pay to get more features and better sound quality through the bot.


  • Focused on music
  • Offers a robust permission system
  • Provides a subscription service for enhanced features


  • Some features require a subscription

Get Greenbot

How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server

Adding a Discord bot to your server is straightforward. Simply click on the provided links and then click the “Invite” button. Next, select the server you want to add the bot to, and then click on the “Authorize” button. For a detailed tutorial with images, refer to articles on how to create a Discord server and how to add bots to Discord.


What happened to Rhythm Bot?

Rhythm Bot shut down its operations due to notices it received from YouTube. Fortunately, there are many Rhythm Bot alternatives mentioned above that you can try. Fredboat is a recommended alternative.

What happened to Groovy Bot?

Similar to Rythm Bot, Groovy Bot also received notices from YouTube and had to cease operations. The bot will no longer work on Discord, so consider using a Groovy Bot alternative from the list above.

How to add music bots to Discord?

Adding bots to Discord is easy. We have explained how to add a music bot to Discord earlier in this article. In essence, you just have to go to the bot’s link and click on the ‘Invite’ button to invite the bot to your Discord server.

Are Discord music bots illegal?

Discord music bots are not illegal. Most bots currently stream music from sites that allow free music streaming such as Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. However, they may violate terms of service of the music streaming platforms they use.


These are the 15 best Discord Music Bots that you can consider for your server in 2023. While there are other multi-purpose Discord bots that also provide music controls, these options work flawlessly and offer a dedicated music experience. Explore these bots, and let us know your favorite ones in the comments section below.

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