200+ Best Google Home and Assistant commands which you must use!

We all know that now adays people either have alexa or Google Home at their homes, or atleast Google Assistant in their phones. In this post we would look at some of the best google home and Assistant commands which every Google user must know.

If you have just recently got your own new Google Home hardware or new Google Pixel Phone or any other Android device which has Google Assistant, then this is the post for you!

Best google home and assistant commands
Best Google Home commands

Best Google Home and Assistant Commands

Commands for Productivity

  • Set an alarm: “Hey Google, set an alarm for 7 AM”, “Hey Google, set an alarm for every Friday morning at 7 AM”, “Hey Google, set an alarm in 25 minutes” or “Hey Google, wake me up at 7 AM every day.”
  • Set a kids-themed alarm: “Ok Google, set a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle alarm for 8 p.m.”
  • Check your alarms: “Hey Google, when is my next alarm?”
  • Snooze an alarm: “Hey Google, snooze alarm.”
  • Cancel an alarm: “Hey Google, cancel alarm for [time].”
  • Set a timer: “Hey Google, set a timer for [time].”
  • Check timer: “Hey Google, how much time is left on my timer?”
  • Check the time: “Hey Google, what time is it?”
  • International time: “Hey Google, what time is it in [location]?”
  • Convert currency: “Hey Google, how much is $5 in euros?”
  • Check your location: “Hey Google, where am I?”
  • Translate something: “Hey Google, how do you say ‘hello’ in Spanish?”
  • Roll a die: “Hey Google, roll a die.”
  • Flip a coin: “Hey Google, flip a coin.”
  • Add to your shopping list: “Hey Google, add [item] to my shopping list.”
  • Check your shopping list: “Hey Google, what’s on my shopping list?”
  • Find out a recipe: “Hey Google, how do you make chicken soup?”
  • Math: “Hey Google, what is 14 x 5?”
  • Count: “Count: “OK, Google, count to 20.”
  • Random number: “”OK, Google, give me a random number between 5 and 50.”
  • Measurements: “Hey Google, how many centimeters are in an inch?”
  • Remember things:  “OK, Google, remember that I put my passport in the filing cabinet,” or, “Remember that my password is ‘money’.”
  • Recall things: “”OK, Google, where is my passport?” or, “What is my password?”
  • Get a recipe: “OK, Google, how do I make [dish]?”

Google Home Commands for broadcasting over to multiple devices

  • Wake up: “OK, Google, broadcast ‘wake everyone up,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘it’s time to wake up.’”
  • Breakfast: “OK, Google, broadcast ‘breakfast is ready,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘breakfast is served,’” or’ “OK, Google, broadcast ‘it’s time for breakfast.’”
  • Lunch: “OK, Google, broadcast ‘lunch is ready,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘it’s lunch time.’”
  • Dinner: “OK, Google, broadcast ‘dinner is ready/served,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘ring the dinner bell’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘it’s dinner time.’”
  • Time to leave: “OK, Google, broadcast ‘time to leave,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘time to get out.’”
  • Arrived home: “OK, Google, broadcast ‘I’m home,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘I’m here.’”
  • On the way: “OK, Google, broadcast ‘I’m on the way,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘I’ll be home soon.’”
  • Movie time: “OK, Google, broadcast ‘it’s movie time,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘the movie is about to start,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘let’s go to the movie.’”
  • TV time: “OK, Google, broadcast ‘the show is about to start,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘it’s time to watch TV,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘TV time.’”
  • Bedtime: “OK, Google, broadcast ‘time for bed,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘it’s time to go to bed,’” or, “OK, Google, broadcast ‘sleep time.’”
  • Custom: “OK, Google, broadcast/shout/announce/tell everyone [custom message].”

Google Assistant commands for controlling the device

  • To turn up the volume on your Google Home, you can say “Hey Google, increase volume”, “Hey Google, turn it up” or “Hey Google, increase volume to maximum.”
  • To turn the volume down, say “Hey Google, decrease volume”, “Hey Google, turn it down” or “Hey Google, decrease volume to minimum.”
  • If you need Google Home to pause, resume or stop, just say “Hey Google, pause”, “Hey Google, resume” or “Hey Google, stop.”
  • Want to know some examples of things Google Home can do? Just say “Hey Google, help.”

Best Google Home and Assistant commands for web searching

  • Check the weather: “Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?”, “Hey Google, do I need an umbrella today?”, “Hey Google, what’s the weather going to be like in [location] on [day/time]?”, “Hey Google, what’s the temperature outside?”, “Hey Google, is there a chance of rain on [day]?”
  • Check traffic: “Hey Google, what’s the traffic like on the way to work?”
  • Check stocks: “Hey Google, what’s the Alphabet stock price?” or “Hey Google, what’s Samsung trading at?”
  • Get a definition: “Hey Google, define [word].”, “Hey Google, what’s the definition of [word]?” or “Hey Google, what’s the meaning of [word]?”
  • Spelling: “Hey Google, how do you spell [word]?”
  • Holidays and events: “Hey Google, when is Thanksgiving this year?”
  • People and relationships: “Hey Google, who is [person]?”, “Hey Google, how old is [he/she]?”, “Hey Google, who is [person] married to?”, “Hey Google, who is [person]’s brother/sister/mother/father?”,
  • Places: “Hey Google, what country is [location] in?”
  • Things: “Hey Google, what is [thing]?”
  • Facts: “Hey Google, how tall is [person]?”
  • Distance: “Hey Google, how far is [location] from [location]?”, “Hey Google, how far is [location] from here?”
  • Businesses and information: “Hey Google, how far is [business] from here?”, “Hey Google, are there any [business type] around here?”, “Hey Google, how late is [business] open?”
  • Quotes: “Hey Google, give me a quote.”
  • Poems: “Hey Google, tell me a poem.”
  • Medical information: “Hey Google, what is a heart attack?”
  • Calories: “Hey Google, how many calories are in [food]?”
  • Animal sounds: “Hey Google, what sound does an [animal] make?”
  • Today’s news: “Hey Google, what’s today’s news?”
  • Daily briefing (includes weather, traffic and news): “Hey Google, good morning.”
  • Sports updates, scores and information: “Hey Google, when are the [sports team] playing next?”, “Hey Google, did the [sports team] win?”, “Hey Google, what was the score for the last [sports team] game?”, “Hey Google, tell me about [sports team].”
  • Actors, movies and shows: “Hey Google, what actors are in [movie]?”, “Hey Google, what movies came out last week?”
  • Recommendations:  “Hey Google. what are the best restaurants in [target location}?” “Hey, Google what restaurants are nearby?”
  • Find out how long it will take to go to work: “Hey Google, How long is my commute?”, “Hey Google, How long will it take to walk/bike/take a bus to [target location]?” Hey Google, how long will it take to get to [target location]?”, “Hey Google, How long with it take to get from work to [target location]?”.

Best Google Scheduling and Travelling commands

  • Check the daily schedule: “Hey Google, What does my day look like?”, “Hey Google, List all events for [specific date].” “Hey Google, What’s on my calendar for [day of the week]?”
  • Create a new calendar event: “OK, Google new calendar event” or, “OK, Google, add [event] to my calendar,” or, “OK, Google, schedule [event] for me on Saturday at 8 p.m.”
  • List next calendar event: “OK, Google, what’s next on my calendar?” or, “What/where/when is my next meeting?”
  • List calendar events for a day: “OK, Google, list all events for Jan. 1,” “OK, Google, what’s on my agenda for today?” or “OK, Google, what’s on my calendar for Friday?”
  • Check when your next event is: “Hey Google, What/when/where is my next event?”, “Hey Google, What/when/where is my first event?”
  • Check reminders: “OK, Google, what are my reminders?” or, “OK, Google, what are my reminders tomorrow?” or “OK, what is my reminder for [title}?”
  • Delete reminders:  “OK, Google, delete my reminders for tomorrow,” or, “OK, Google, delete my reminder to [title],” or, “OK, Google, delete all of my reminders.”
  • Check notifications: “OK, Google, what’s up?” or, “OK, Google, what are my notifications?”
  • Check prices for an airline flight: “OK, Google, how much is a round-trip flight to New York?”
  • Find flights with a specific airline: “OK, Google, find me flights with Jet Blue.”
  • Check on your booked flights: “OK, Google, when is my next flight?” or, “OK, Google, my flights in [month].”
  • Book a hotel room: “OK, Google, find a hotel in New York.” After that, say, “Book a room at Quality Inn.”
  • Discover places to visit in your travel city: “OK, Google, what is there to see in Paris?”
  • Find restaurants to try in your travel city: “OK, Google, what’s the best restaurant in India?

Best Google Home and Assistant commands for Media and Music enthusiast!

  • Play some music: “Hey Google, play some music.”, “Hey Google, play some [genre] music.”, “Hey Google, play some music on [music service].”
  • Adjust the volume: “Hey Google, turn up the volume.” “Hey Google, turn down the volume.”
  • Play an artist, song, album or genre: “Hey Google, play [artist].”, “Hey Google, play [song].”, “Hey Google, play the album [album].”, “Hey Google, play [artist/song/album] on [music service].”, “Hey Google, play some [genre] music.”
  • Play a playlist: “Hey Google, play my dance playlist.”
  • Play a song by lyrics: “Hey Google, play the song that goes [song lyrics].”
  • Ask what’s playing: “Hey Google, what’s this song?”, “Hey Google, what’s this album?”
  • Get information: “Hey Google, when did this song come out?”
  • Like or dislike a song: “Hey Google, like this song.”, “Hey Google, dislike this song.”
  • Fast forward or rewind: “Hey Google, skip forward 30 seconds.”, “Hey Google, skip backward two minutes.” “Hey Google, pause or skip tracks.”
  • Tune a musical instrument: “OK, Google, tune my instrument,” or, “OK, Google, play an F sharp.”

Best Google Home and Assistant commands for your Chromecast

  • Play music on Chromecast: “Hey Google, play [artist/song/album] on my Chromecast.”
  • Play videos on YouTube using Chromecast: “Hey Google, play funny cat videos on Chromecast.”, “Hey Google, play the latest video from Android Authority on Chromecast.”
  • Turn on/off the TV with Chromecast: “OK, Google, turn on the [Chromecast name],” or, “OK, Google, turn off the [Chromecast name].”
  • Play a movie or TV show on Netflix using Chromecast: “OK, Google, play [show or movie title] on the [TV name].”
  • Play music through other speakers using Chromecast: “OK, Google, play [song] on [Chromecast or Google Home name].”
  • Listen to audiobook on another device: “OK, Google, read my book on [Chromecast or Google Home speaker name].”
  • Play and pause Chromecast: “OK, Google, play/pause [Chromecast name].”
  • Stop Chromecast: “OK, Google, stop [Chromecast name].”
  • Scrub the Chromecast: “OK, Google, skip to 5 minutes on [Chromecast name],” or, “OK, Google, skip forward/back two minutes on [Chromecast name].”
  • Change Chromecast volume: “OK, Google, set [Chromecast name] volume to 50%,” or, “OK, Google, volume down on [Chromecast name].”
  • Mute Chromecast: “OK, Google, mute [Chromecast]” or “OK, Google, unmute [Chromecast name].”
  • Images: “OK, Google, show me a picture of an antelope.”
  • Weather: “OK, Google, show me the weather on [Chromecast name].”

How to control Phillips Hue lights from Google Home?

  • Turn on or off a light: “Hey Google, turn on [light name].”, “Hey Google, turn off [light name].”
  • Dim or brighten a light: “Hey Google, dim the [light name].”, “Hey Google, brighten the [light name].”
  • Set a light brightness to a certain percentage: “Hey Google, set [light name] to 50%.”
  • Dim or brighten lights by a certain percentage: “Hey Google, dim/brighten [light name] by 50%.”
  • Change the color of a light: “Hey Google, turn [light name] green].”
  • Turn on or off all lights in a room: “Hey Google, turn on lights in [room name].”, “Hey Google, turn off lights in [room name].”
  • Turn on or off all lights: “Hey Google, turn on all of the lights.”, “Hey Google, turn off all of the lights.”

How to control your nest Thermostat from Google Home?

  • Adjust the temperature: “Hey Google, make it warmer/cooler.”, “Hey Google, raise/lower the temperature.”, “Hey Google, raise/lower the temperature two degrees.”, “Hey Google, set the temperature to 72 degrees.”
  • Switch to heating or cooling modes: “Hey Google, turn on heat/cooling.”, “Hey Google, set the thermostat to cooling/heating.”, “Hey Google, turn the thermostat to heat-cool mode.”
  • Set the mode and temperature: “Hey Google, set the heat to 68.”, “Hey Google, set the air conditioning to 70.”, “Hey Google, set [room name] thermostat to 72.”
  • Turn thermostat off:  “Hey Google, turn off thermostat.”
    • Note: to turn the thermostat back on, you’ll need to specify a mode. You can say “Hey Google, turn on cooling/heating.”, “Hey Google, turn on heat-cool.”, “Hey Google, set the heat to 68.”, “Hey Google set the air conditioning to 70.”, etc.
  • Check the ambient temperature on the thermostat: “Hey Google, what’s the temperature inside?”
  • Check what the thermostat is set to: “Hey Google, what’s the thermostat set to?”

How to control Smasung Smart Devices?

  • Turn on or off all lights: “Hey Google, turn on all lights.”, “Hey Google, turn off all lights.”
  • Turn on or off all switches: “Hey Google, turn on all switches.”, “Hey Google, turn off all switches.”
  • Turn on or off everything in a room: “Hey Google, turn on everything.”, “Hey Google, turn off everything.”

Best Google Home and Assistant commands for Shopping

  • To buy an item, say “Hey Google, buy (product)”, “Purchase (product)” or “Order (product)”.
  • To buy an item from a specific store, say “Hey Google, buy (product) from (store)”, “Purchase (product) from (store)” or “Order (product) from (store)”.
  • To reorder an item, say “Hey Google, reorder <product>”
  • To add an item to your cart, say, “Hey Google,   add (product) to my cart,” or “Add (product) to my shopping cart.”
  • To add an item from a specific store, say, “Hey Google, add  (product) from (store) to my cart.”

At the moment, you cannot remove an item from your cart with Google Home commands, nor can you change the number of items in your cart.

Control your phone from Google Assistant!

  • You can place a call by saying: “OK, Google, call mom,” or, “OK, Google, call [contact name],” or, “OK, Google, call the nearest coffee shop.”
  • Hang up by saying “OK, Google, hang up.”
  • Want to pair your phone to it by Bluetooth? Say “OK, Google, Bluetooth pairing.”
  • Cancel Bluetooth pairing by saying “OK, Google, cancel pairing.”
  • Clear paired Bluetooth devices by saying “OK, Google, clear all devices,” “OK, Google, clear all Bluetooth devices”, or “OK, Google, unpair devices.”
  • Find your phone by saying: “OK, Google, find my phone,” or, “OK, Google, ring my phone.”
  • Google Assistant also now integrates Android Messages, Messenger, SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp and more. To activate this say “Read back replies.”

Google Home Best Secret / hidden commands

  • “Hey Google, do a barrel roll.”
  • “Hey Google, what’s the loneliest number?”
  • “Hey Google, make me a sandwich.”
  • “Hey Google, when am I?”
  • “Hey Google, beam me up, Scotty.”
  • “Hey Google, how can entropy be reversed?”
  • “Are you John Legend?”
  • “What’s your best pickup line?”
  • “Who’s your celebrity crush?”
  • “Hey Google, tell me a joke.”
  • “Hey Google, up up down down left right left right B A start.”
  • “Hey Google, who’s on first?”
  • “Hey Google, I am your father.”
  • “Hey Google, set phasers to kill.”
  • “Hey Google, did you fart?”
  • “Hey Google, it’s my birthday.”
  • “Hey Google, it’s not my birthday.”
  • “Hey Google, who let the dogs out?”
  • “Hey Google, do you want to build a snowman?”
  • “Hey Google, how many roads must a man walk down?”
  • “Hey Google, who is the real Slim Shady?”
  • “Hey Google, who ya gonna call?”
  • “Hey Google, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”
  • “Hey Google, where’s Waldo?”
  • “Hey Google, party on, Wayne.”
  • “Hey Google, talk like Yoda.”
  • “Hey Google, Do you know the muffin man?”
  • “Hey Google, Is your refrigerator running?”
  • “Serenade me.”
  • “Sing me a song.”
  • “Do you know Chrissy Teigen?”
  • “How are you?”
  • “Sing Happy Birthday.”
  • “What’s your favorite song?”
  • “Compliment me.”
  • “OK, Google, are you SkyNet?”

Now guys i hope that you are still with us because now we would be telling you few more commands of Google Assistant that you would love

Best Secret Google Assistant commands

OK Google, inconceivable.

OK Google, Hodor.

OK Google, let me talk to Aeden at Westworld.

OK Google, do you speak Klingon?

OK Google, who shot first?

OK Google, is the cake a lie?

OK Google, do you know of GLaDos?

OK Google, up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A.

OK Google, here comes dat boi.

OK Google, beam me up Scotty.

OK Google, crystal ball.

OK Google, do a barrel roll.

OK Google, all your base are belong to us.

OK Google, show me the money.

OK Google, mischief managed.

OK Google, tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

OK Google, what is love?

OK Google who is the walrus?

OK Google, who you gonna call?

OK Google, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

OK Google, open the pod bay doors.

OK Google, party on, Wayne!

OK Google, set phasers to kill.

OK Google, aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper?

OK Google, winter is coming.

OK Google, who is the real Slim Shady?

OK Google, I am your father.

OK Google, play the name game with Chuck.

OK Google, Get Schwifty.

OK Google, how many roads must a man walk down?

OK Google, do you believe in Ghosts?

OK Google, why am I single?

OK Google, What is my name?

OK Google, How old am I?

OK Google, what am I thinking right now?

Ok Google, Do I look good in this dress?

OK Google, ask me a question.

OK Google, do you think I’m attractive?

OK Google, will you be my girlfriend?

OK Google, are you cheating on me?

OK Google, What’s wrong with me?

OK Google, I’m angry.

OK Google, I’m depressed.

Commands to know Google Assistant better

OK Google, what’s your favourite ice cream?

OK Google, are you friends with Siri/Alexa/Cortana?

OK Google, what’s your favourite Pokemon?

OK Google, Star Trek or Star Wars?

OK Google, how do you like your coffee?

OK Google, who’s your favorite superhero?

OK Google, when will the world end?

OK Google, do you have an imagination?

OK Google, do you believe in life after love?

OK Google, do you have a favorite football team?

OK Google, do you have a favorite animal?

OK Google, what is the best web browser?

OK Google, do you have feelings?

OK Google, what makes you happy?

OK Google, do you have any pets?

Google Assistant commands to play Games

OK Google, I’m feeling lucky.

OK Google, spin the wheel.

OK Google, flip a coin.

OK Google, tell me a riddle.

OK Google, what should I be for Halloween?

OK Google, let’s play Blackjack.

OK Google, never have I ever.

OK Google, truth or dare.

OK Google, let’s play Planet Quiz.

OK Google, guess my age.

OK Google, let’s play Classic Hangman.

OK Google, let’s have a game of Tic Tac Toe.

OK Google, let’s play 1-2-3 Maths.

OK Google, let’s test my Friends Trivia.

OK Google, rock, paper, scissors.

OK Google, pick a card.

OK Google, bark like a dog.

Google Assistant Easter Eggs Topic :Memes

Voice command: OK Google, all your base belong to us.
Assistant’s response: Take off every ZIG.

Voice command: OK Google, what’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
Assistant’s response: I have a factory warranty, so I don’t worry about things like that.

Voice command: OK Google, more cowbell.
Assistant’s response: *A cow will moo and a bell will ring.*

Voice command: OK Google, here comes dat boi.
Assistant’s response: Oh shoot, waddup?

Voice command:
OK Google, ain’t nobody got time for that.
Assistant’s response: You’re telling me. Bronchitis is serious.

Voice command: OK Google, is the cake a lie?
Assistant’s response: It is. What a mean trick. If you tell someone there’s cake, there should be cake.

Voice command: OK Google, what’s your favorite emoji?
Assistant’s response: I like the smiling face with sunglasses emoji. It’s just so cool.

Voice command:
OK Google, I can haz cheezburger?
Assistant’s response: Actually, cats are lactose intolerant. A regular cheeseburger is better for your health.

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