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Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugin Review 2024

I hope you all are familiar with “Affiliate Marketing.”

But have you ever thought of starting an Affiliate Marketing using your WordPress Website?

Yes, it’s true that you can use your WordPress Website to make money. If you are a blogger, it is the best way to start affiliate marketing using WordPress.

By just promoting the products and services of other businesses through your WordPress website, you can earn commission on the sale of per product.

Probably, you would think that there are too many ways to start affiliate marketing online. Then Why are “We recommending you to get started with WordPress Affiliate Marketing”?

Well, if you use WordPress to get started with Affiliate Marketing, you can take the help of WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins. These plugins make it flexible & more comfortable to start affiliate marketing through the WordPress website.

WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugin
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Why Use WordPress?

Here are some reasons why you should use WordPress to start any Affiliate Program:

Easy & Versatile

Although WordPress is known to be suitable for everyone. But because of its easy to use a versatile feature, it proved to be the best choice for beginners.

With just the right WordPress theme and plugins, you will be ready to get started with your new affiliate marketing program.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly that makes your blogs more valuable and builds the trust of the users.

And, if you promote any product or service through this platform, people would be able to trust you more.

Integrate Ads Easily

It’s so easy to integrate ads into your WordPress Website. For this, you need to paste the ads HTML code into the text widget.

After that, you can easily place that ad wherever you want into your affiliate marketing based blog theme.

Great Support

Among all the content management systems, WordPress provides excellent support in terms of community.

So, let’s get started to decide which Affiliate Marketing Plugin will be best suited for you.

Here is the list of Top 8 WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins:

1. Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager is among the top WordPress Affiliate Plugins. If you have finally decided to make money through your WordPress Website so this will be a great place to start.

The best part of this plugin is that it integrates with almost all the leading eCommerce solutions like WP eCommerce, Simple Membership Plugin, WP eStore, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.

Moreover, You don’t have to worry if you are using the latest version of WordPress because WordPress Affiliate Manager smoothly works with that too.

Key Features

Easy Installation: Affiliate Manager Plugin installation is so easy. In a few clicks, you can upload and activate it. To proceed further, you are required to read the tutorials.

Quick Tracking: It has a quick process to track the real-time of sale and referral clicks. This feature of Affiliate Manager makes it easy for your affiliates to track the real-time of referral clicks and sale of the product.

Unlimited Affiliates: You can create as many affiliates as you want. You will not have to worry about paying more to the members for promoting your products and services.

Affiliate Portal & Automated System: Affiliate Manager will help your affiliates to signup and login to their affiliate portals. After that, all the account logins, profile maintenance will be an automatic process.

Customizable Affiliate Registration: This feature of using this plugin will help you in choosing how much affiliate data you should collect from your affiliates.

Flat Rate or Percentage Based: It will be totally up to you to decide the way you want to reward your affiliates. The reward can be a flat rate or percentage based on the sale amount.

2.Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin:

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Ultimate Affiliate Pro has too many excellent features. Using this plugin, you can easily create your affiliate program and ask affiliates to promote your products & services.

Ultimately, its excellent features and affordable price make it more worth it to buy this plugin for the WordPress website.

Key Features:

Integrations: This plugin has integrations with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, PayPal, Stripes, Easy Digital Downloads and more.

Unlimited Affiliates: Like most of the other plugins, unlimited affiliates is also the key feature of this plugin. In this, you can create an unlimited no. of members to promote your business product and services.

Lifetime Commission: If you choose this plugin, you can attract more affiliates to promote your services. This feature will make you earn on the future purchases of the customers. Moreover, this plugin will be a lifetime purchase for your website.

Rewards: In this, customers will decide which affiliate deserves to get rewarded for the sale of the product.

3. Affiliate WP

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Are you wondering why this plugin is better than the above mentioned other two plugins?

So, Affiliate WP is a better option because it is not limited to the free or a single pro plan. Its pricing category includes Personal, Plus, Professional and Ultimate.

So, if you choose this plugin, you can pay according to your ultimate goal.

Moreover, AffiliateWP allows you to create an affiliate program with proper marketing tools that makes it easy to use

Key Features:

Affiliate Tracking: AffiliateWP will also help you in accurately tracking affiliate referrals.

Affiliate Coupon Tracking: This feature helps to connect and track coupon codes of the Affiliates.

Link Generator: It allows the affiliates to generate their referral link. They can use this referral link generator within the affiliate area.

Affiliate Area: In AffiliateWP, there will be a dashboard where affiliates can track their earnings, performance, etc.

4. Affiliates

This WordPress affiliate plugin is known to be ideal for developers and sellers. If you are any of them, then Affiliates will be the right choice for you.

Let’s check what key feature you will get with this plugin.

Key Features:

Integration: Here, we must thank the native API because affiliates can seamlessly integrate with any eCommerce solution.

Unlimited Affiliates: Hire unlimited no. of affiliates to grow your business more and more.

Real-Time Reporting: Your hired affiliates will get the real-time report of affiliate links and referrals.

Affiliate Recruiting: In this plugin, affiliates will get automatically signed up.

5. Thirsty Affiliates:

Thirsty Affiliates falls among the list of Top WordPress plugins. The reason is probably that this tool maintains an affiliate link on your WordPress website. You can quickly analyze the performance of all the links on your website.

Key Features:

Proactive Link Fixer: Your links will get auto-updated with the help of the front end link fixer. So, you don’t need to worry about updating links on your website from time to time.

Auto-link Keyword: This feature will automatically link your referral link to the required keywords.

Comprehensive Reports: This plugin will help in creating a detailed report of statistics for the affiliates.

Automatic 404 checkers: This plugin includes an automatic 404 checker so that you can change any 404s on your website.

6.YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

Do you have your WooCommerce store?

If yes, then this WordPress plugin will be best suited for you. The owner of the store has to set the commission for the affiliates.

In case of any refund, the plugin automatically calculates the affiliate refund.

The best feature of this plugin is an automatic save of affiliate ID. Like if any user visits WooCommerce store with the help of an affiliate, this plugin will save the ID of a member.

Although this plugin is free and dedicated to WooCommerce only. Its pro version has too many additional features :

  • Set Commission rate: In its pro version, you can set the limit of Affiliates commission according to your own choice.
  • Pay Partners on the Specified Date: It will help you to remember the date and time on which you have to pay your partners.
  • Reports: You can quickly generate an advanced release of even critical statistics.

7. Affiliate Royale:

Affiliate Royale is known to boost the sales, traffic, and visibility of your website. Overall it is a brilliant WordPress Affiliate Plugin. But it has a bit of a high price but is worth falling among the list of topmost WordPress Plugin.

Here are some key features of this plugin:

Affiliate Dashboard: In this plugin, you will get a personalized affiliate plugin where your affiliates can signup and login. It would be so easy for you to manage the members from the dashboard.

Powerful Admin Panel: Through this feature of Affiliate Royale, you can quickly check the stats of your affiliates. It will help you in maintaining a proper list of your top members, their referral clicks, and other details.

Shopping Cart Integration: With this plugin, you can easily track initial and recurring payments from Authorize.Net, PayPal and Cart66.

8. EasyAzon

Amazon USA is well known for its products and services. You can imagine here if you use the Amazon Affiliate Program how much would you be able to earn on the sale of per product or service.

Moreover, if you use a WordPress website, you can directly create affiliate links for your Amazon affiliate Program. The affiliate links will help the users to visit the regional Amazon store directly.

Last but not least, here are some best features of EasyAzon plugin that make it best and different:

  • Automated Affiliate Link: The plugin will help you to create a computerized Affiliate link to refer the users to the nearest Amazon Store.
  • Many Affiliates: Through this plugin, you can create as many affiliates as you want.
  • Link Localization: You can automatically localize link.
  • Product Pop-Ups
  • Add to Cart Functionally

Price Comparison

I hope you have understood the primary difference between all these topmost WordPress Affiliate Plugin. And now it’s evident in your head which affiliate plugin will be best suited for you.

Before moving forward, let’s look at the price comparison of all these plugins. That will help you more to move forward economically with your WordPress Website.

WordPress Affiliate PluginsPrice
Affiliate ManagerFree, $39 for Single Site, $97 Developer Licence
Ultimate Affiliate Pro$59 for Single Website (Lifetime Licence)
AffiliateWP$99/yr for personal, $149/yr(plus), $249/yr for Professional use, $499/yr (Ultimate plan)
Affiliates$59 for Single Site, $99 for Up to 5 Sites, $199 for Up to 25 Sites
Thirsty Affiliates$49/year for 1 site license, $99/year for 5 site license, $149/year for 10 site license
YITH WooCommerce Affiliates (Free)Free
Affiliate Royale$85 (Merchant plan), $165 (Developer plan)
EasyAzon$47 (Multi Site), $67 (Developer Site)

We Recommend Thirsty Affiliates

Yes, we recommend you to get started with the ThirstyAffiliates. We consider it to be the best choice for you because it is a five rated plugin with neither too high nor too low pricing.

Their plans depend on the number of websites. Suppose you want to buy plugin for 5 WordPress Websites, then surely it will be a waste of money to pay for a plan including an unlimited number of websites. 

Moreover, you can easily protect your commission from theft. Their excellent features will amaze you. And using this plugin you can start with any Affiliate Marketing Program. 

They assure 100% no-risk money-back guarantee. So, your money is always safe with Thirsty Affiliates. 

We think you must give it a try!

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