BookMyShow Introduces Pay Now Feature

We all know that if you are in a big city and out of ideas what to do on a Friday or Saturday evening, then we go to BookMyShow app and buy us a ticket for a stand-up comedy or any latest movie in the theatre.

But not always our transaction is successful due to which you would be stopped at the gates because the transaction was not successful, and thus in many cases, you fail to watch your favorite comedy show or movie.

With the latest update (it’s LIVE), if your transaction fails, there won’t be any problem, you would be able to enjoy the movie or show on time and would be able to pay later.

The Changelog states:-

We truly believe in having more than just a transactional relationship with our users. That’s why we’re bringing a frictionless experience to you when you book your shows. So, even if your pesky payment method fails, BookMyShow will help you jump that hurdle, taking care of everything else. Enjoy the show and pay later 🙂
Personally, I have never faced a failed transaction thing, but for those who frequently face this, I guess its time to update your app and enjoy the shows without any worries.
Download the latest update of BookMyShow from PlayStore
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