Chrome 86 will disable Autofill on insecure forms

The autofill option found in web browsers allows you to fill out commonly entered information in a web form. This information might be your full name, e-mail or postal address, or your credit card information. This sensitive information is only remembered on your computer and is only added when you select for the function to be performed.

Current Scenario to disable autofill

Currently, Chrome users were only able to see if a form was mixed by first tapping on the lock icon in the address bar — not exactly the profile this aspect necessarily deserves.

New Update

disable autofill
Disable autofill

But now in Chrome 86, though, if a user begins to fill out a mixed form, the Autofill box will not populate with the users’ credential profiles and instead indicate that the feature has been turned off. If the user persists with filling the form and submits it, Chrome will pop up a full-page security warning before giving them the choice of aborting or sending.

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