How to Convert Galaxy S10’s Camera Cutout into a Battery Indicator

The Samsung Galaxy S10 line is all new redesigned phone by Samsung with a camera cutout.

We already saw how many creative minds over the internet tried making use of that cutout camera with awesome wallpapers. In order to make that cut out more useful; there’s an app that turns it into a circular battery meter.

The Energy Ring app overlays a battery status ring around the front camera cutout on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10e for a unique and colorful appearance that sure to grab some attention.

Steps to Convert Camera cutout into Battery indicator

  1. Install Energy Ring App from here.
  2. Setup the app via on-screen instructions.
  3. Give the desired permissions.
  4. You can also customize the ring with various animation options.
Galaxy S10's Camera Cutout 1
Photo: Gadgethacks
Galaxy S10's Camera Cutout 2
Photo: Gadgethacks
Galaxy S10's Camera Cutout 3
Photo: Gadgethacks

The app is still in development and more features are yet to come. The application is free with in-app ads, which won’t bother you a lot as the app is providing a very useful and unique feature.

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