CrossBeats Aero Review – Best Alternative Airpods for Android?

CrossBeats : Introduction

Last week, I got the time to play with Apple’s own Airpods with my Android eco-system. I tested it with my Apple’s iPhone and also with my MacBook Air. In this article i would do crossbeats aero review..

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Using these Airpods, I got an idea to use truly wireless earphones which are actually made for Android and should be budget friendly!

I logged into my Amazon account and searched “wireless earphones” and the top results didn’t impress me. Although wireless the top results were boAt Rockerz 255, Boult Audio and JBL T110BT.

But what I was looking forward to a truly wireless experience and thus I again searched “truly wireless earbuds” 

And guess what? just on impulse, I thought to try CrossBeats Aero. I hopped into the reviews section as it’s not a well-known company in India and I wanted to make sure that if I am investing around 3k-4k INR, the product should at least be decent if not awesome.

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Thus I ordered one piece at a price of around 3,800 INR and after 2 days I got my hands on it.

Welcome to AndroidHire, and Today we would be looking at “Gareebo ka Airpods?” or “one of the cheapest Airpods look alike” you can get on the market apart from Xiaomi’s AirDots (which we already covered a few days back?


Okay, So I ordered a Black variant of the device to match up with my Black Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The box comes with a case with earPods inside them and a charging cable, and a manual in which you can register your earPods for 1-year warranty online.

CrossBeats Aero Review Design

CrossBeats Aero

Well, CrossBeats Aero definitely has a premium look and design as you can truly feel while holding it. They are much thicker than Apple’s Airpods but Hey! they have a good design!  Each AirPod has a button to switch it off or on, one you can switch off or on the pair from anyone.

The case is sleek and gives the feeling of that of Airpod’s but the Aero earphones are not magnetically attached to the case, you just put them and close the lid of the case.

Sound Quality

Okay so if you are investing around 3k INR and for truly wireless experience, you would get a quite decent quality of the sound (not Awesome!), And if you are not that much of a music enthusiast and just listen to songs formally, you would hardly notice anything and the experience is good.

Battery Life

CrossBeats Aero

Well as these are Bluetooth earphones, along with the earphones your smartphone battery would also decrease. I am using Note 8 and along with this device and it’s giving me around 4.5 hours of battery if I am using it continuously.

One thing is that unlike AIrPods you have to switch them off while they are not in use. Even putting in case of won’t make them switched off and you have to manually press the button on the earplug(anyone) to switch off the pair.

Connection with the Phone

Okay, so The setup connection is pretty simple and easy like any other Bluetooth device. Just keep your android phone’s Bluetooth ON and press the button on both of the earplugs to switch them on (you have to start both the plugs by pressing the button).

In between, I could figure out few milliseconds disconnection between my phone and the earphones but it was not for both the plugs, just one at a time ..(1 in 10 chances.. this happened).

Noise Cancellation on CrossBeats Aero

Like its advertised on its Amazon product page, it has noise cancellation and its too good. I tried it outside (near a busy road…) I was not able to hear the traffic noise. So thumbs up for that.

Question: Earplugs dropping off?

Well, I am using these earphones full time just for testing, I went on a 2 wheeler ride at a good speed and they didn’t fell off, Also I walked/ran on side roads(they were still intact). But it’s not good for jogging..they would fall. (DEFINITELY).

Also what I noticed is that I always felt that now they would drop off .. now they would drop off.. but they didn’t.. i felt more confident with AirPods of not dropping off due to their design(familiar design and I know they won’t fall off as Apple’s AIrPods are just wireless version of their wired earphones, with exact same design)

Money Factor

Normally these earphones cost around 4.8k INR and I guess if you want only truly wireless earphones this would be your good bet, but if you can work out with semi-wireless earphones or something like that they don’t go for this.

Pros of this Device

1. Noise cancellation

2. Truly wireless and premium design

3. Battery life

4. Price factor

5. You can use each earpiece separately with other phones

6. Decent sound quality

7.Accepting and rejecting Calls on the phone

Cons of this device

1. Might drop off while jogging

2. connectivity issues (1 in 10 times but for few milliseconds)

3. Not good for making calls, your voice would be too low for another person to hear

So this is our full Review on CrossBeats Aero in 2019!

Do let us know in the comments how you liked this device.

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CrossBeats Aero Review - Best Alternative Airpods for Android?CrossBeats Aero is one of the best alternatives of Apple's AirPods, its price factor is what makes it unique and a choice of truly wireless earphones to buy. Apart from very rare Bluetooth disconnecting issues its worth it.