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Destiny 2 Crafting Glitch PC

In the dynamic universe of Destiny 2, the discovery of a game-breaking crafting glitch has ignited a wave of reactions among players. This glitch is not only allowing players to imbue legendary weapons with exotic perks but also enabling them to create absurdly powerful weapons that can obliterate bosses instantly.

Destiny 2 Crafting Glitch PC
Destiny 2 Crafting Glitch PC 2

The Crafting Glitch: An Introduction

This newly discovered crafting glitch is creating a storm in the Destiny 2 community. This glitch has essentially given players the power to craft weapons that merge with a host of other crafted weapons. As a result, players can attach exotic perks to legendary weapons or combine two legendary weapons to create one superpowered weapon.

Imagine an auto rifle firing ten thousand rounds a minute or a legendary weapon like IKELOS armed with Osteo Striga rounds. Sounds exciting, right? That’s precisely the chaotic fun this glitch has introduced to the game.

The Fan Reactions: Divided Perspectives

As with any significant change, the crafting glitch has led to varied reactions within the Destiny 2 community. Some players are reveling in the newfound power, seeing it as a breath of fresh air. These players are enjoying the opportunity to experiment with outrageous weapon combinations, creating a sense of novelty and excitement in the game.

On the other hand, some players argue that the glitch undermines balanced gameplay in both PvP and PvE aspects of the game. These players feel that the glitch invalidates the achievements of players who have earned their power through regular gameplay.

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Bungie’s Response: Encouraging Fun

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, has acknowledged the crafting glitch and issued a statement encouraging players to enjoy the exploit while they work on potential fixes. Bungie has stated that players who exploit the glitch will not be banned, as they do not penalize players for exploits or glitches on their end.

However, Bungie has also warned that the perks obtained through this glitch will eventually be erased from the weapons. They have also indicated that if things get “too wild,” they might take “drastic measures” to ensure the balance of the game.

How to Use the Crafting Glitch: A Step-By-Step Guide

Now that we know what this glitch is all about, let’s look at how you can perform this glitch on PC. Please note that while the glitch can be performed on both PC and console, it’s currently easier to execute on PC.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the crafting glitch on PC:

  1. Adjust Your Settings: Go to video settings and cap frames to 30 fps. This is the first step to ensure the glitch works effectively.
  2. Prepare Your Weapons: Go into the Reshape weapons option. Here, you’ll need both a “blank” weapon to imprint the perks on and the weapons you want to pull from, already leveled.
  3. Execute the Trick: The trick is to click on one weapon you want to pull perks or frames from, then spam click on the second one before the screen goes to the first weapon. This requires swift and accurate clicking, so be ready!
  4. Experiment with Combinations: Try out different combinations of weapons and perks to create some of the most powerful and unique weapons in the game.

Remember, the use of this glitch comes with risks. While Bungie has stated they will not ban players for exploiting this glitch, the perks you gain from this glitch will eventually be erased. Also, any loot or achievements gained during this period may not be permanent.

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Conclusion: A Chaotic Joyride

In conclusion, the Destiny 2 crafting glitch PC has added a chaotic yet exciting dimension to the game. While it has sparked a debate among players, it has undeniably brought a sense of novelty and excitement to the game. Whether you choose to exploit this glitch or not, it’s clear that this glitch has made its mark in the Destiny 2 universe. But remember, enjoy responsibly and keep in mind the potential consequences. Happy gaming!

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