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Discover New Places with Fortnite GeoGuessr

Fortnite GeoGuessr has emerged as a trending web-based game, captivating gamers with its unique blend of strategy, geography, and fan-favorite Fortnite elements.

Drawing inspiration from the original GeoGuessr, Fortnite GeoGuessr offers a Fortnite-themed spin on the concept. This innovative game, known as “Where in Fortnite,” can be played directly from your web browser and doesn’t necessitate a Fortnite client.

What is GeoGuessr?

GeoGuessr is an online game that tests players’ geographical knowledge by dropping them into random locations using Google Street View. The player’s objective is to guess the location as accurately as possible by pinpointing it on the world map. It’s a fun and challenging game that has garnered a massive following worldwide.

Fortnite’s Integration with GeoGuessr

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, is well-known for its collaborations with various brands and pop culture icons. The integration of GeoGuessr into Fortnite is another exciting step in this direction. Players can now access Fortnite GeoGuessr as a separate game mode within Fortnite’s creative hub.

Playing Fortnite GeoGuessr: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • To begin your Fortnite GeoGuessr adventure, visit the Where in Fortnite website.
  • The game is compatible with both PC and mobile devices, but the PC version offers a more user-friendly experience.
  • Choose your preferred Fortnite season on the game’s page.
  • The game will then transport you to a random location within the Fortnite map.
  • Your task is to identify the precise location on the minimap.
  • The more accurate your guess, the higher your score.
  • For a competitive edge, invite your friends to join the game via the Lost Gamer website.
  • Establish the game’s rules, including the number of rounds and duration.
  • You can also disable map movements and zooming if desired.
  • Once your game is set up, you’ll receive a unique code to share with your friends for them to join your lobby.

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The Popularity of Fortnite GeoGuessr

Fortnite GeoGuessr’s popularity extends beyond its unique gameplay to a powerful sense of nostalgia it evokes among Fortnite fans. The game skillfully brings back iconic locations from the Fortnite map, like Salty Springs, Lonely Lodge, and Haunted Hills, which were once beloved but later removed.

Now, these cherished locations live on in Fortnite GeoGuessr, providing players the opportunity to revisit their favorite spots and relive treasured memories.

What sets it apart is its comprehensive approach to showcasing the entire history of Fortnite. Players can delve into the different eras, including Chapters 1, 2, and 3, enabling them to explore the evolution of the game.

The game’s adaptability allows players to tailor their experience based on their familiarity with various Fortnite seasons.

For example, if a player hasn’t played Chapter 2, they have the option to exclude locations from that season, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable gaming experience.

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By capitalizing on nostalgia and delivering a comprehensive trip down memory lane, it strikes a chord with the gaming community. It connects players to the past while offering a fresh and immersive gaming experience. As a result, Fortnite GeoGuessr has become a beloved favorite among Fortnite enthusiasts worldwide, contributing significantly to its enduring popularity and success.

Fortnite GeoGuessr
Discover New Places with Fortnite GeoGuessr 2

Further customization options include setting the number of rounds anywhere between five to 40 and establishing time limits ranging from none to 60 seconds. Players also have the choice to enable or disable the ability to look around and zoom in on the map.

Challenges and Rewards

As players progress through Fortnite GeoGuessr, they will encounter various challenges. Some locations might be easy to identify due to iconic landmarks, while others may require keen observation and geographical knowledge. Successfully guessing locations will reward players with in-game items and cosmetic rewards, motivating them to explore more.

Tips to Improve Your Fortnite GeoGuessr Skills

  1. Research Fortnite Locations: Familiarize yourself with the different locations within Fortnite to improve your guessing accuracy.
  2. Pay Attention to Clues: Observe any unique features or landmarks that can help you narrow down the location.
  3. Use Context Clues: Consider the terrain, vegetation, and architecture to identify the general region.
  4. Play Regularly: Practice makes perfect. Regularly playing Fortnite GeoGuessr will sharpen your geographical instincts.

Future Updates for Fortnite GeoGuessr

As Fortnite continues to evolve, so does Fortnite GeoGuessr. With the arrival of Chapter 3 Season 3, the Fortnite map is set to undergo major changes, and Fortnite GeoGuessr will update accordingly. This means players can look forward to exploring new locations and testing their map knowledge against the latest Fortnite updates.

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Fortnite GeoGuessr: A Fun Learning Experience

Beyond being a captivating game mode, Fortnite GeoGuessr also offers an educational experience. Players inadvertently learn about different geographical locations, landmarks, and cultures as they explore the diverse world of Fortnite. It’s a brilliant way to combine fun and learning.

Can I play Fortnite GeoGuessr with my friends?

Yes, Fortnite GeoGuessr allows you to team up with your friends and compete together.

Are there time limits for guessing locations in Fortnite GeoGuessr?

Yes, there are time limits for each location, adding an element of challenge to the game.

Can I access Fortnite GeoGuessr on all platforms?

As of now, Fortnite GeoGuessr is available on all major gaming platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

Do I need a separate account to play Fortnite GeoGuessr?

No, you can access Fortnite GeoGuessr using your existing Fortnite account.

Are the rewards earned in Fortnite GeoGuessr transferable to the main game?

Yes, the rewards earned in Fortnite GeoGuessr can be used in the main Fortnite game.


In summary, Fortnite GeoGuessr offers a unique and engaging gaming experience, combining the thrill of Fortnite with the strategic gameplay of GeoGuessr.

As the game continues to grow and evolve alongside Fortnite, players can anticipate a fresh and exciting challenge with each new update.

So why wait?

Test your Fortnite knowledge today and embark on your own Fortnite GeoGuessr adventure.

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