Home News Does Stadia support split screen multiplayer?

Does Stadia support split screen multiplayer?

Best answer: Yes, Stadia Support split-screen multiplayer via Stream connect technology.

Last week was a big one, Both for Apple and Google. Apple silently introduced new iPads and second generation AirPods.On the other hand, Google showcased its upcoming Stadia gaming platform which we covered LIVE.

One of the top questions from people does Stadia support split screen?

Yes, Stadia supports this feature via Stream Connect technology, people will be able to play local multiplayer with various split-screen displays available.

What is Stream connect Technology?

Stream Connect is Stadia’s feature of supporting multiplayer gaming experiences. In particular, local couch co-op experiences via split screen. Using Google’s unique infrastructure, developers can create games built to house hundreds of players with low latency and perfect synchronization.

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