How to enable Developer Options on android device

enable Developer Options

Android is an open source operating the mobile system and provides a ton of features onboard without any modification to be done for that you have to enable developer options on your device.

On the other hand, iOS provides a very strict environment and does not let users download 3rd party apps nor able to unlock the true potential of the processor that the iPhone comes.

For Android users themes, launchers are common things but for iOS user, if you are not jailbroken then you are out of luck and would have to live your smartphone life the simple way. Apple loves to make its consumers believe that every Apple device just works perfectly.

Anyhow coming back to Android, this OS also has one hidden option (I would say a set of options) in the Settings App of any android device.

Note that this is different from rooting of an Android device.!!

Rooting causes a void of warranty of your smartphone whereas activating Developers options doesn’t harm anything but unlocks a lot of potential options for you to admin your device.

Steps to Enable Developer Options

  1. Go to Settings of your Android Smartphone.
  2. Go to About Phone Option in the Settings menu.
  3. Go to Software Information Option in the About Phone menu.
  4. Tap 10 times on Build Number.
  5. Developer Options would be activated.

Where you would find the unlocked Developer Options?

You can find the option in settings page only of your smartphone at the end.

What you would find in Developer Options?

It depends upon the smartphone which you are using. In my Samsung Note 8, there are options such as OEM unlocking, Night Mode (advanced options), Quick Settings developer tiles.

More common options found throughout smartphones are USB debugging, Bug report shortcut, Select Debug App option etc.

I hope you liked this tutorial and do let us know in the comments which type of tutorials you want to see in the future on our blog.

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