Everything You Need To Know About Kindle Unlimited!

Want to borrow books? Do it on Kindle Unlimited.


Kindle Unlimited is a subscription provided by Amazon which is similar to Prime Video, but in Kindle Unlimited, we pay to read books, e-books to be precise. With Kindle Unlimited, one can access thousands of books on their Kindle device or the Kindle app that is available in App store and Play store. You can borrow titles anywhere and anytime and there are no due dates you will have to remember. You can keep up to 10 titles at once.

How to get Kindle Unlimited? All you really need is an Amazon account and a working credit/debit card. Once you got the above situated, just follow the next steps.

1.Open Amazon. Readers from India, click on this link: Amazon

2. Select ‘Kindle Store’ as shown in the picture below.

Everything You Need To Know About Kindle Unlimited! 1

3. After selecting that, Kindle Store will open.

You can directly get to Kindle Store using this link: Kindle Unlimited

4. Click on Kindle Unlimited.

Everything You Need To Know About Kindle Unlimited! 2

5. Click on ‘Join Kindle Unlimited‘. You will get a month of free trial and then you will be charged ₹169.00 per month. You will be asked to give your card details at the beginning of your free trial so that your subscription can be auto-renewed once you run out of your free period. However, you can opt out of the subscription at any time.

Hope you enjoy this reading experience.

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