Face ID camera system may get improved in 2019 iPhones by Apple, suggests Ming-Chi Kuo, a noted Apple analyst.

Rumors are that Apple will use a new sensor to better illuminate user’s face for lowering the impacts from visible lights of the environment. Consequently, it will improve the overall Face ID user experience.

The same report drops hints about bringing another range-sensing system with a Time of Flight 3D camera in the 2019 or 2020 iPads. (Maybe, even in the 2020 iPhones). What is a Time of Flight camera? This is a type of sensor that measures the time taken by a light dot to travel between the camera and subject. Plus, you can also take 3D pictures. No wonder, such a system can also assist in improving the overall augmented reality experiences and the quality of images or 3D images. Don’t forget the Apple Pencil on the iPad, maybe you can also edit these images with it.

iPhone X was introduced in 2017 with its groundbreaking facial recognition technology Face ID using over 30,000 infrared dots for mapping a face. People noted that the system worked great in the dark but failed to stay consistent in mixed or brighter lighting conditions. If the system can help cut through additional light noise then it can improve the utility for its users because the system is going to stick for a while now.