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How To Make a Facebook 3D Photo

Social Media site Facebook has launched a new feature that is using machine learning to generate 3d effect photos

3D photo feature was available on Facebook, but you can use this feature if you had a phone with a dual camera, which helps in capturing two images. Dual Lens capture two images which help in making depth map.

Where can you share these photos?

You can share these 3D photos to your News Feed, a group, or a Page and you need at-least editor permission to post on a page.

How To Make a Facebook 3D photo Android

  1. Open the Facebook app & Tap ‘What’s on your mind.’
  2. Tap’ 3D photo’.
  3. Select a photo, then wait for it to be processed.
  4. You can preview the 3D effect by moving your phone.
  5. Tap Share or Post.
How To Make a Facebook 3D Photo 1

If you have an iPhone which does not have portrait mode, the process of making a 3D photo will be the same. 

How To Make a Facebook 3D photo iPhone (Portrait Mode)

  1. Tap ‘What’s on your mind.’
  2. Tap Photo/Video.
  3. Select your Portrait Mode photo. 
  4. You’ll see 3D in the bottom right of available photos.
  5. Tap on photo and press done, you will see 3D in the top left of your photo.
  6. Tap Share or Post.

How To Take 3d Photo Facebook

You need an android device or iPhone to capture an image or you can use an existing image to transfer into a 3D photo

Tips and Tricks

According to Facebook, you will get the best results if your main subject is four feet away. 

You can try to avoid background which has lots of reflections and shine.

Facebook is working on this and they are improving this feature so that it can reach a larger audience who are not having a high-end device of 3D photos.

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