Facebook and Instagram bring dashboard to manage your usage

Facebook and Instagram are rolling out a new dashboard that will tell you how much time you spend on these apps. Advanced options will allow its users to set daily limits and temporarily muting the push notifications. This year iOS 12 is also bringing the feature to track screen time. Also, the App Store and Google Play Store are flooded with apps to track your time. Everybody is getting more and more conscious of how much time they are spending on their smartphones. In the light of these events, Facebook and Instagram will definitely get thumbs up for this new feature. This should deal with people’s mobile addiction. Facebook has faced a lot of criticism on how aggressively they court their users’ attention. In December, Facebook acknowledged that the passive consumption of the News Feed could make people feel bad.

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Facebook has termed the dashboard “Your time on Facebook”, while Instagram calls it “Your activity”. These features will be available globally within the next couple of weeks. However, 1 percent of the users are held back for testing. The feature was expected since the last month when screenshots of the leaks were featured.

Instagram bring dashboard

How to find the dashboard on Facebook and Instagram?

The new feature on Facebook can be found by tapping three vertical lines –also known as the hamburger menu –in the bottom-right corner of the app. Look for the section called “Your time on Facebook” and tap on it. To look for it on Instagram, tap the gear icon on your profile and you will find “Your activity”.

Once the dashboard is open, you will see a bar chart representing your daily app usage over the last week. Tap on the bar for the precise number of hours you have spent on that day. Now here you can choose the amount of time you wish to spend on Facebook and Instagram.

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