Facebook Messenger translates messages automatically

Facebook had added the M Suggestions feature into the messenger, and now it will add the feature of automatic translation as a part of it. The feature will be available only in US and Mexico initially because of the reason that it can only translate messages between English and Spanish.

For instance, if your native language is English and somebody sends you a text in Spanish, then you will receive a popup asking whether you want to automatically translate all the messages from that person. Upon clicking yes, you will receive all the future messages translated automatically. The same is applicable for the Spanish users. And yes, the users will get a copy of both, translated and original message, to avoid any confusion later.

In April, during the F8 developer conference, Facebook announced its translation feature (Not automatic-translation). The feature was available on the Facebook Marketplace only. The company expanded the feature too soon to the Messenger. It is a clear indicator that the feedback of the initial release was quite satisfactory.

The feature supports only two languages so far. But the tech-giant has stated that other languages will be available later and will definitely reach to more countries.

What does Facebook have to compete with?

Earlier, users had to copy the text to be translated from the Messenger. Then, go to Google Translate and paste the original text. The task is tedious and annoying. Thanks to “Google Translate’s Tap to Translate” feature, it allows users to translate the text with just one tap on a hover-over icon. This saves time and discomfort in switching between apps. Messenger’s Auto Translate will make it even smoother as it will do everything automatically. However, it is something only available in Messenger while Google’s Tap to Translate works for every app.

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