Facebook to bring back Messenger chat support on Facebook App?

Jane Manchun Wong, who discovers new features by reverse engineering the code of popular apps like Facebook and Spotify, has revealed that the company might be testing the move to bring Chat option back into the app. While the button on the top right lets users open Messenger currently, He says that it could be used to display chats within the Facebook app.

Facebook Messenger - A Facebook Product
Facebook Messenger – A Facebook Product

This move may not be surprising as with  certain updates,the app took the liberty of installing Facebook Messenger on Android phones without seeking any permission from users.


Facebook app being probed by Wong, he found that the Chats menu only offered basic chat functionality. For other features  such as  reactions, sending media, or calling, he had to  open the Messenger app. Interestingly, there’s an option to send GIF responses. So, we can expect a limited Direct Messaging Interface, quite similar to Instagram, also owned by Facebook Inc.

In coming few weeks, it would be clear what Facebook has stored for us normal users.

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