Rare Trick to Play Football on Facebook Messenger

FaceTime is Apple’s video and audio calling application. In the recent Apple event, the company introduced group video calling in FaceTime in iOS 12. The updated mobile iOS will come this fall to all the iPhones and iPads. FaceTime group chat was a long-awaited feature and the users will have to wait for more now. Apple has delayed the inclusion of FaceTime in iOS 12 initial release. Guilherme Rambo, a developer, found out that iOS 12 Beta 7 was missing FaceTime group chat.

The company says that the feature will come in a future software update later this fall.

The feature will let 32 participants at a single time and the user can choose which tiles to highlight on the main interface. This delay comes after the delay of AirPlay 2. Group video chat is delayed a lot in FaceTime, WhatsApp has already brought its group video chatting feature for up to 4 participants. Skype and Facebook messenger already had this feature.


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