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20+ Facts you might not know about Netflix

We all have this one app called Netflix installed in our smartphones. It just makes up out free time more awesome by its own original series and movies.

People binge watch from 5 hrs to 10 hours also on Netflix watching their favorite tv series. It’s evident that Netflix houses the best and most digital content on earth. New streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar don’t even stand a chance in terms of their catalog of content.

So here we are with some of the facts related to Netflix you might not know!

Netflix Facts you might not know!

  1. It was originally called Kibble.
  2. Early Netflix users got lots of Chinese pornography!
  3. The company estimates that users spend only two minutes browsing for a title before choosing one or opting for another diversion entirely.
  4. Netflix has a secret menu! 
    Shift + Alt + a left mouse click brings up a troubleshooting menu that allows you to adjust the bit rate of a stream so it doesn’t suffer.
  5. They don’t release ratings!
  6. Netflix is available in 50 countries
  7. Netflix has been around longer than Google. Netflix was established as a subscription service in 1997. Google was founded in 1998.
  8. The most watched show on Netflix is Breaking Bad.
  9. Netflix has over 76,000 categories.
  10. The starting pay at the company with a position such as a call center is $18 per hour plus a free subscription to Netflix.
  11. Netflix purchased the licensing rights to House of Cards and brought David Fincher and Kevin Spacey on board because their movies were already very popular on Netflix.
  12. Netflix also got a nomination for an Oscar. In 2013, it released an Egyptian-American documentary called The Square.
  13. The company began offering a subscription-based DVD-by-mail service in 1999.
  14. Netflix officially became international in 2010 with its Canadian launch.
  15. Have you ever seen Netflix’s first ever film? its called “Example Show” and is still available online right now on Netflix
  16. Netflix is the largest Internet traffic contributor!
  17. Netflix users spent 100 million hours a day watching content.
  18. Two-thirds of all Netflix users now share their accounts with others. On average, there were 2.5 viewers for every Netflix account.
  19. According to Netflix, all of its customers have at least 6 shows or movies they watch in common.
  20. Switzerland and the US offer the best average streaming speeds for Netflix, at 4.3 Mbps in both countries. Venezuela Netflix users have the worst average streaming speeds, at just over 1.1 Mbps.

20+ Facts you might not know about Netflix 1

20+ Facts you might not know about Netflix 2

Total consumption of Netflix

Note that all the facts are collected from various sources including Netflix Official site.

We hope you liked these facts and if you liked them do share it with your friends 🙂

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