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Fastest Ways to Unlock Costumes in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is a game filled with exciting characters, each with their signature moves and unique costumes. If you are a fan of the series, you will want to unlock all the available outfits to personalize your favorite fighters. In this guide, we will discuss the fastest ways to unlock costumes in Street Fighter 6 without repeating any information or phrases. Let’s get started!

Street Fighter 6
Fastest Ways to Unlock Costumes in Street Fighter 6 2

Overview of Unlocking Costumes

Unlocking Classic Costumes

To unlock the Classic Outfits or Outfit 2, players can either bond with a master character in World Tour mode or buy the outfits using Fighter Coins in the Goods Shop. Each Classic Outfit costs 50 Fighter Coins, which is equivalent to about $23.99 if you purchase all Classic Outfits.

Unlocking Alternate Costumes and Outfits

By default, each character has only one costume in Street Fighter 6. Players can unlock alternate costumes and outfits by purchasing them with Fighter Coins or by raising their Bond Level with World Tour masters to 100.

Bonding with Masters in World Tour Mode

Players can unlock Classic Costumes for free by bonding with masters in the World Tour mode. To do this, players must increase their Bond Level with the character they want to unlock the Classic Costume for. Bond Levels can be increased by giving gifts, fighting, talking, and completing quests with the master characters.

Finding World Tour Masters

Not all characters are available as masters at the beginning of the World Tour mode. Players will need to progress through the story, discover the masters one by one, and bond with them individually to unlock all Classic Costumes.

Completing Side Quests and Challenges

Side quests and challenges are essential in raising Bond Levels with masters. These tasks will help you earn bonding points and unlock Classic Costumes faster. Make sure to complete as many side quests and challenges as possible to maximize your bonding points.

Gifting Masters to Increase Bond Levels

Giving gifts to masters is an effective way to increase your Bond Level with them. Each master has a favorite item, and gifting this item will multiply the earned bonding points. Players should focus on finding and gifting unique items to each master for faster bonding.

Sparring with Masters

Another way to strengthen your bond with masters is by sparring with them. Take every opportunity to fight with a master, as this will help increase your Bond Level with them faster.

Choosing Dialogues Wisely

When interacting with masters, players should choose their dialogue options carefully. Selecting likable answers will make it more likely to earn more bonding points with that specific character.

Purchasing Costumes with Fighter Coins

If players want to unlock costumes faster or would rather skip the bonding process, they can purchase the outfits using Fighter Coins. Each classic costume costs 50 Fighter Coins in the in-game shop. Players can acquire Fighter Coins by buying them with real money from the PlayStation Store or by earning them through the game.

Earning Fighter Coins

Fighter Coins can be earned by participating in online matches, completing daily and weekly challenges, and leveling up your character. Make sure to participate in these activities regularly to earn enough Fighter Coins to purchase costumes.

Grinding for Zenny in Scrap Heap

For players who wish to unlock alternate costumes and outfits without spending real money, grinding for Zenny in the Scrap Heap is an effective method. After consuming Corn Flex from the Deliveries app, players can earn around 10,000 Zenny every 10 to 15 seconds. Use the earned Zenny to buy the best gifts for your masters and increase their Bond Levels quickly.

Final Thoughts

Unlocking costumes in Street Fighter 6 can be a fun and rewarding process as you personalize your favorite characters. By following the methods mentioned above, you can unlock costumes quickly and efficiently. Whether you prefer bonding with masters in World Tour mode or purchasing costumes with Fighter Coins, there’s a method that will suit your playstyle. So gear up, and let your fighters show off their unique looks in the battlefield!

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