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Financial Calculator – Interview with the AppOfTheDay

AndroidHire Team published an Android App, 1 month back called Financial Calculator.

Along with the blog we are moving towards a customer-centric App development organization. And recently the developers of this app were interviewed by AppOfTheDay website.

About App of the day

Every day they publish one great app and help 750,000 users discover new apps to add to their mobile device. If you want to know about the latest best apps and games on Google Play Store App of the Day is one of the recommended sites for the same.

What is Finance Calculator?

Financial Calculator is one stop calculation app, which you can use offline and can replace your many traditional calculation apps.


1. GST Calculator
The financial calculator also allows you to calculate the GST amount. You need to enter the amount and GST rate and it will give you all the details.

2. Normal Calculator
Finance Calculator provides the best and minimalist calculator for all your day-to-day calculations.

3. Fixed Deposit (FD) calculator
Have Some FD’s an account? Want to know the final sum? Just use the best and minimalist FD calculator

4. EMI Calculator
Purchasing a phone? Or any big appliance on EMI? Use our EMI calculator to know the final occurring cost of your good.

5. Recurring Deposit (RD) Calculator
Our developers have built a simple yet effective Recurring deposit calculator which gives you the correct amount within seconds.

6. Tax Reminder
We all pay taxes and it’s required for every citizen to pay tax to the government. But sometimes you forget the date to pay the tax or you might want to put a reminder to pay the tax. Financial Calculator helps you to put Google reminder in your calendar app.

7. Compound Interest
The financial calculator also allows you to calculate compound interest with precision. Just input all the required details and with one click you get the answer.

8. SIP Calculator

9. Depreciation Calculator

10. Commission Calculator

11. Rule of 72

12. Net Income

13. Works offline.

14. We don’t save any data on our servers. All the calculation and reminders are set on your phone only. 

Read Full interview on appoftheday.

App URL in iTunes

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