How to find the Cube memorials for the Worlds Collide Missions in Fortnite

THe new season X of Fortnite has damn lots of challenges and one of the challenge is that the players have to search for one of two Cube memorials.

Season X of Fortnite: Battle Royale is here. The latest season of Epic’s shooter is officially available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, and things have been changed dramatically. Like any other seasons,there are new areas of the map that users can  explore, as well as a new Battle Pass to purchase from real money , which gives you access to a load of challenges to complete and rewards to unlock.

The difference in Season X of Fortnite

That’s not all that’s different this season, This time around, Epic has also made some big changes to how challenges work.

In the past, the developer would release a new set of challenges to complete each week throughout the season, some of which would be available to everyone, even if they didn’t own a Battle Pass.

Now, most of the Fortnite’s missions are locked behind the Season X Battle Pass.

What are Cube memorials?

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Cube memorials are tiny shrines dedicated to the infamous giant purple cube known as “Kevin” that first appeared during Fortnite‘s fifth season. In order to finish this challenge, you’ll simply have to visit one of the two memorials, which mark where the cube started and ended.

Where to find Cube memorials?

  1. The first cube memorial is located just southeast of Fatal Fields, towards the start of the Desert Biome in Fortnite.
  2. The second cube memorial is located at Loot Lake, and can be seen as you’re coming towards the lake from Tilted Town. Refer to the image above if you’re stuck.
  3. You just need to do is walk up to one of the memorials, so don’t worry about having to collect anything.


Fortnite Cube memorials map
Fortnite Cube memorials map – Credits: AndroidCentral

After finding these cubes, you’ll be done with this challenge! Remember that in order to complete the prestige mission version of this challenge, you will have to find both memorial cubes.

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