Galaxy Note10 – a phone with no Physical buttons?

Samsung is rolling this year! Seriously! First the foldable phone and after that S10 Lineup over which all Youtubers and tech people going gaga over it.

Now the news is that Samsung’s powerhouse flagship – Samsung Galaxy Note10 would have no physical buttons now.

Good news? Well Maybe yes! because now there won’t be the Bixby button! There won’t be any reason to remap the Bixby button too!

The Inside Story of Galaxy Note10

Samsung is allegedly looking at companies like NDT to supply a pressure-sensing module that could recognize presses on a phone without any physical buttons. According to industry sources on April 25, Samsung Electronics will apply keyless technology to its next smartphone. It is important to remove the power and volume buttons on the side of the Galaxy Note10.

Can we see such phones before September?

YES! Of course! ETNews suggests the upcoming mid-range Galaxy A90 could debut with a buttonless design as soon as next month.

Galaxy Note10 (tentative name), which will be released this fall, is expected to become Samsung’s first keyless smartphone.

Recently, smartphones are emphasizing convenient and unified design. The full screen is typical, and the fingerprint recognition button on the front of the smartphone is removed to increase the big screen and immersion feeling. ‘Display fingerprint recognition’ technology is replacing existing fingerprint recognition buttons, and it is expected that all the remaining buttons on the side of the smartphone will be hidden in the future.

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