lg g8

The displays of the smartphones are evolving day by day, new trends are coming in the market with the notch at top and chin at the bottom. Notch at the top allows manufacturers to fit the camera, speakers and other sensors into it but Samsung and LG could introduce sound-emitting OLED panels in their upcoming flagship phones.

According to some new reports from ETNews that Samsung is working on sound-emitting OLED panels and this technology will be ready to sell in next year. The first product could be a 6.2inch OLED display panel. These OLED panels to use vibration and bone conduction to create the sound of 100-8000Hz range. So the user will need to press the smartphone against the face to listen to the voice. LG is also developing a similar kind of tech which will be available from next year.

Some other smartphone manufacturers already implemented similar kind of tech in smartphones. Xiaomi used piezoelectrics speaker in Mi Mix series which create sound using resonators and diaphragms and sound can be heard anywhere on display panel. Manufacturers solved the problem of ear-piece now they have to find the place for front-facing camera and sensors.