Gmail autocorrect
Gmail autocorrect

Google is working on new updates for its all services.Recently we say Google Docs and sheets, and now Gmail is updated with new features for grammar mistakes.

What is new in Gmail?

When composing an email, what Google takes to be grammatical flubs.For example,an incorrect verb tense or the wrong homophone  will be underlined in blue color.The user  can then right-click those words to see suggestions on how to fix them.

Gmail is stepping up its spellcheck game with automatic correction of “common spelling mistakes.

Gmail new Auto Correction
Gmail new Auto Correction

When it would be available to users?

The new features are scheduled to be rolled out to all G Suite accounts by mid-September.For normal users like us, there is no specific date or timeline as if when they will be rolled to common public.

Final words

Google has been developing so many new features for its already well-established features that few services are still half baked and according to us they not giving proper attention to them.

For example,For many people still Google Translate can’t auto-detect languages. Many other services do it for a decade(there might be a bug or something). Google keeps developing  new features and leaves them half-baked for good.

Anyhow, its good that Google is making features  for people like us who make a lot of grammatical mistakes and now can be saved from embarrasement from our bosses in office