Google Adds 60 new Languages to its Gboard

If you are using Android, then you might be using or might have used Google’s Gboard on it over your default manufacturer’s keyboard. For example, I really do hate Samsung’s Keyboard and thus use Gboard as a replacement.

According to, these are the new languages now available on Gboard
  • Abron
  • Afar
  • Akoose
  • Avar
  • Azerbaijani (Russia)
  • Balinese, Balinese
  • Balinese, Latin
  • Banggai
  • Bangka Malay
  • Basaa
  • Batak Mandailing
  • Berom
  • Bosnian (Cyrillic)
  • Cebaara Senoufo
  • Cherokee (Dual-Case)
  • Coptic*
  • Crimean Tatar
  • Dan
  • Dangme
  • Eastern Cham (Latin)
  • Efik
  • Ewondo
  • Fon
  • Georgian, Georgian
  • Georgian, Khutsuri
  • Gilbertese
  • Hakha Chin
  • Javanese (Aksara Jawa)
  • Kalam Kohistani
  • Kok Borok (Bengali)
  • Kok Borok (Latin)
  • Komering
  • Komi-Zyrian
  • Koronadal Blaan
  • Kutai Malay
  • Laki
  • Ledo Kaili
  • Lendu
  • Livonian
  • Luba-Kasai
  • Mandar
  • Manggarai
  • Mende
  • Ngbaka Gbaya
  • Nias
  • Niuean
  • Northern Betsimisaraka Malagasy
  • Northern Min
  • Northern Ndebele
  • Nupe
  • Pahari-Pothwari
  • Papuan Malay
  • Sakalava Malagasy
  • Saraiki (Urdu Arabic)
  • Sesotho (Lesotho)
  • Shina (Pakistan)
  • Swazi (South Africa)
  • Tai Dam (Latin)
  • Tati
  • Temne
  • Tokelauan
  • Youjiang Zhuang

You can download the latest update from Google Play from here.

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