Everyone is in awe with the redesigned GMail. While the app has loads of tricks, the side panel is a major productivity booster. The feature gives you quick access to Google Apps like Tasks and Calendars, here you can quickly add a task to your To-Do list or add meetings in schedule without leaving the inbox. Everything is accessible.

The popularity of the feature among GMail users have lead Google to expand it to other apps. The company has reported that they are bringing the side panel to other G Suites apps. So now on you can access Keep, Google Calendar, and Tasks while editing a presentation, making excel sheets, and Drawings. You’ll be able to access Keep and Task from Google Calendar.

Google Apps get the redesigned nifty side panel 1

Some people don’t like the side panel or just believe that it makes the apps look cluttered, then it’s a valid argument. You also have the option to minimise the side panel so that it gets out of your way. The feature will arrive for those who are on Google’s “rapid release” schedule. All users will get the side panel for all the G Suites app over the track of next two weeks.